Pricing that allows you to scale with your business

Whether you chose to operate FaunaDB on your own, or use our Cloud service, we've designed the pricing to match your trajectory. 

FaunaDB Enterprise

FaunaDB is designed to scale horizontally, therefore enterprise pricing is based on the number of nodes you chose to deploy, on-premises or in the cloud (public or private), irrespective of the cores on each node. If you have existing infrastructure or compliance requirements, you may want to operate FaunaDB yourself. FaunaDB Enterprise lets you grow your deployment over time, getting all the benefits of cloud even in your own environment. We make it easy to get started. Deploy single nodes for free, even in production (conditions apply)!

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FaunaDB Cloud

Serverless [Metered]

FaunaDB Cloud lets you focus on building your business while we handle performance and reliability. No credit card required. Free below the specified usage thresholds (see table).

Fixed [Subscription]

We work with many small to midsized businesses who need subscription yet predictable pricing. Please contact us for a fixed price plan customized to your business.

Resource Free Tier Price After Free Tier
Data transfer out 50MB/day $0.10 per GB*
Data stored up to 5GB $0.18/GB per month
Reads 100k read ops/day $0.05 per 100,000 reads
Writes 50k write ops/day $0.20 per 100,000 writes
* Or free to same region
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