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Announcing Cloud Onboarding Guide Rails

We’re pleased to announce two new tutorials in the FaunaDB Console: Basic CRUD and GraphQL.

As new users continue to join the FaunaDB community at a growing rate, we know that the use cases for the database continue to diversify. With that growth comes new questions for how to get acclimated to FaunaDB’s unique and powerful query language. Also, some users want to dive straight into trying out GraphQL queries.

Our goal is to ensure that any user can create their first database and then add, update, delete, and modify new data within that database during their first 5 minutes as a FaunaDB user.

Over time, we plan to add more advanced use cases to our tutorial suite so that users who have been with FaunaDB since the beginning can continue to level up their skill set.

Getting started with tutorials

Console tutorials can be found by clicking the (?) button in the top right of the Console:

New users are automatically prompted to try out one of the two available tutorials:

These two tutorials are designed to cover the basic functionality within FaunaDB. The Basic CRUD tutorial also provides a primer for FQL syntax. For example, a query that users will learn and use:

Running this query in the Console provides the expected result:

By design, these tutorial steps are relatively self-explanatory :)


With our latest Console release, users now have access to getting-started tutorials. Visit our documentation to learn more.

What other tutorials would you like to see implemented in the FaunaDB Console? Please reach out to me on Twitter and on our Community Slack and describe any other features that would make FaunaDB an obvious choice for your next project.