Announcing the availability of FaunaDB Enterprise 2.6.0

Releases for agile dev/ops companies like Fauna are a regular occurrence. We sometimes do press releases about the code release, especially if it is a major (x.0) release. But each release, even a point release, is special in its own way so we will now be posting a blog about each new version as it is released. We will also blog about some key features added within the release to provide additional detail about those features, like what it might mean to our customers and how they can take full advantage of each new feature.

For v2.6, we are adding a few such key new features and other improvements:

  • Automated log topology - FaunaDB is based on the Calvin distributed transaction protocol and, thus, the log is a very important component for our database and we treat it very special. Before v2.6, you needed to figure out your log topology ahead of time and have your database operator implement it. One of our key drivers at Fauna is operational simplicity so, in that light, we automated the log setup process. Now, the database operator just needs to mark a replica as a log and FaunaDB automatically does what is needed (creating log segments across that replica) to make it work.

       This is a significant new feature and will post a blog dedicated to it in the near future.

  • Improved Developer productivity – Not a single feature but rather a category of features. In addition to striving for higher operational simplicity, Fauna does everything we can to make application developers’ lives easier and more productive. In v2.6, we have added a bunch of new math and string manipulation functions that application developers can now call within the database rather than using only their host language functions. This provides the advantage of not needing to have data shuttled from the database to the client -- saving time as well as coding effort.  

        A blog on this will be coming soon as well.

  • Security – And, as security is a primary concern of ours, we have improved the security of using our database by adding encryption in motion with TLS implementation for all communication across the wire, so the data and the commands can’t be snooped.

A complete list of bug fixes, enhancements is available in the 2.6 Release Notes

The release can be downloaded from If you are running your application on the FaunaDB Cloud, you are already up and running on this version. And if you aren’t running on FaunaDB Cloud yet but would like to try it out (for free), you can sign-up here. If you are running v2.5.8, you can do a rolling upgrade to v2.6 to be able to take advantage of the new features.