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Announcing the Fauna Integration for ZEIT

Lewis King|Dec 17th, 2019|


Since publication of this article, ZEIT has been renamed to Vercel.

We’re excited to announce the Fauna integration for ZEIT.

Overview of ZEIT integration with Fauna

This integration allows users to get started with a sample app using Fauna and ZEIT Now in 5 minutes or less. Users can connect to their Fauna instance and display their collections for a given database. Future functionality is planned to include performing CRUD operations directly from ZEIT.

What is ZEIT?

For the performance-obsessed, ZEIT is the easiest way to deploy modern websites and apps. No more time lost on painstakingly configuring DNS, SSL, or CDN — ZEIT does all of that automatically, for free.

Integration Capabilities

What it does

We’ve created a simple ZEIT Integration which asks for a Fauna API key and displays the user’s collections from a database.


  • Sign in to your Fauna account
  • Have at least one database with collections
    • If you are new to Fauna, create a database here & check the “Pre-populate with demo data” button
      blog post image
    • Sign in to your ZEIT account
    • Ensure that you have a working version of npm on your machine
    • Ensure that ZEIT Now CLI is installed and logged in to your ZEIT account (instructions here)

    Steps for integrating

    1. Go to the Fauna integration page | Add
    2. Select user account | Add (again)
    3. Create root admin key here
      blog post image
    4. Paste root admin secret into the integration | Save Secret
    5. Select a project | Create new project | enter faunadb-zeit-sample-app | CREATE
    6. “Link To Project” the database you want to connect. To select child databases, click on the database name hyperlink
      blog post image
    7. Click the “Open in CodeSandbox” link, and continue to follow these steps in the CodeSandbox app:
      1. Click on the Deployment menu (the rocket icon in the sidebar)
      2. Click the "Fork Sandbox" button
      3. Return to the Deployment menu
      4. Click "Now" (You'll need to sign in to Now when you're deploying for the first time)
        blog post image
      5. Click the deployment link and wait for building to complete to verify that the application lists the collections in your database
        blog post image
    Alternatively, to step 7, you can Clone & deploy the sample app yourself:
    1. Clone & deploy sample app: 
      1. git clone https://github.com/fauna/faunadb-zeit-sample-app
      2. cd faunadb-zeit-sample-app
      3. now --prod
    2. Navigate to the project production URL (already in the clipboard on macOS) & confirm DB collections are listed.
    blog post image


    With this simple integration, users can get started with a sample app using Fauna and ZEIT Now in 5 minutes or less.
    Please visit the Fauna documentation to learn more. And please let us know what you think so that we can incorporate your feedback into a future release.
    What other integrations would you like to see implemented in Fauna? Please reach out to me on Twitter or our Community Slack and describe any other features that would make Fauna and ZEIT an obvious choice for your next project.

If you enjoyed our blog, and want to work on systems and challenges related to globally distributed systems, serverless databases, GraphQL, and Jamstack, Fauna is hiring!

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