They said it couldn't be done. But we built it. And it just works.

After building the distributed storage systems that power Twitter, we regrouped to create the database we wished we had. Come join our mission to change businesses forever.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is simple: to build the best operational database in the world. Our mission is challenging: to deliver that database to the world while ensuring it is dramatically easy to operate and productive to use. Bold? Perhaps. But we know what a database should be. We have seen what a database can be.

For the longest time, client-server oriented relational systems were the only choice for a database. Their rigid architecture and the complexity involved in expanding them for web-scale applications led to the invention of NoSQL databases. NoSQL brought flexible schemas and horizontal scalability but left data consistency, security, and relational querying behind. A modern database should not force tradeoffs.

At Fauna, we built a database for modern, cloud-native, and heavily distributed application environments. FaunaDB offers all the benefits of first-generation NoSQL databases without sacrificing the enterprise capabilities delivered by relational systems. FaunaDB is scalable, secure, cloud-friendly, and reliable. It is easy to program. It doesn’t take rocket science to operate. It is available for use on-premises as well as a serverless multi-cloud database service.

We are committed to making FaunaDB the only operational database you will ever need for running modern applications. We're also committed to building a sustainable company that values its customers and its people.

Executive team

From the team that scaled Twitter’s infrastructure to experienced leaders who have understand modern businesses, Fauna’s enterprise infrastructure and database DNA runs deep. We care deeply about product quality, scalability, and performance, but even more, we care about helping our customers achieve their goals.

Headshots 0000 Evan

Evan is the former Director of Infrastructure of Twitter, where he was employee 15. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science and previously worked at CNET and SAP. He is responsible for Fauna's management team and strategy.

Headshots 0003 Matt

Matt is the former technical lead of Twitter's database team. Previously, he worked at a gaming company acquired by Zynga. He works with Fauna's product and engineering teams to deliver on our technical vision.

Gayle3 0

Gayle is a former vice president at Mesosphere, DataStax, and Oracle, with deep experience in sales, consulting, and business development. She leads Fauna’s field operations for sales, strategic partnerships, and sales engineering.

Headshots 0005 Dhruv

Dhruv is a former vice president at Digital Domain. Previously, he held leadership positions in marketing and product roles at (Nutanix), Perforce, Oracle, and AmberPoint. He leads the marketing efforts at Fauna.

Headshots Attaway Matt2 0C

Matt is the former director of engineering at Digital Domain and VP of Community at Perforce Software. He brings a decade and a half of enterprise software experience to Fauna. He is responsible for the success of Fauna’s engineering and operations teams.

Headshots 0007 Dan

Dan brings a wealth of diversified experiences in managing and growing teams at companies such as EMC/RSA, Juniper Networks and EqualLogic. He leads all strategic aspects of HR Operations to fuel Fauna’s rapid growth, organizational health and business results.

Headshots 0002 Rich

Rich has served as VP for dominant infrastructure companies such as Ascend.IO, DataStax, IBM, and Extole. He leads Fauna’s Field Technical Teams, as well as Customer Success Management and Field Technical Enablement functions.

Chris Headshot Web

Chris is formerly a cofounder of Couchbase and architect of Couchbase Mobile. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Reed College, and is an O'Reilly technical book author. He leads Fauna's developer community.

Headshots Alex2 0

Alexandra is a licensed CPA with extensive experience in the SaaS/Technology industry. Previously, Alex held an advisor position at a CPA firm where she focused on helping start-up companies scale. She leads the financial and accounting functions at Fauna.


Investors and advisors

Fauna is backed by investors and advisors who share our vision for a complete, modern platform that supports the future of data. Industry veterans, database gurus, and venture rockstars, we have them all rooting for us, as well as your success.

Headshots 0006 Daniel Abadi
Kevin Scott
Headshots 0000S 0001 Olivier Pomel
Headshots 0000S 0000 Tyson Clark
Headshots 0000S 0002 Dan Gwak
We are hiring across the board

Fauna is disrupting a $60B+ market. Read this blog post from one of our employees about the opportunity Fauna represents.