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FaunaDB: Single Node Free for Commercial Use

FaunaDB is not open source, but we want to make it as easy as possible for everybody to try it out, build real apps, and learn what makes our architecture and database so special.

Recently, we updated our Serverless Cloud pricing to offer up to three months of free usage as well as daily free tiers. We've seen tremendous uptake of FaunaDB Cloud, with fintech, social, retail, gaming, and crypto applications being built on it.

Cloud isn’t for everybody though -- maybe you need to deploy in specific data centers, run your own distributed tests, or see how simple operating FaunaDB really is. So, in order to improve the experience for our on-premises developers and operators, FaunaDB is now available as a free, full-featured download for single node (unclustered, single process) in any environment and for non-commercial usage.


  • Any single-node use is free, even if used commercially -- for example, on a developer's laptop, or in a single VM in your cloud or data center, without replication or clustering.
  • Any other use is free for 90 days, regardless of cluster size or commercial purpose. But if you need more than time to explore, we will be happy to extend your trial period.
  • Any non-commercial use is free in all configurations.

You can download the latest release here, and read about pricing details here.

Please review license and contact us at or @fauna for any questions.

Evan Weaver
Founder & CEO