What makes FaunaDB the ideal database for serverless applications?

FaunaDB Serverless Cloud is the first database designed expressly to support serverless application development. This InfoQ article explores how FaunaDB empowers developers who’ve struggled to reconcile database infrastructure with modern development practices, like microservices, continuous delivery, and serverless.

FaunaDB Serverless Cloud provides an array of features that allow developers to securely build and run serverless applications without configuring or operating infrastructure. This has opened the door for a broad range of use cases - from mapping social networks, to incorporating change feeds into apps, to implementing heavy-duty financial applications that need ledgers and global distribution.

“FaunaDB Serverless Cloud is the only database specifically built for serverless apps.”


Getting started with FaunaDB is simple because there’s less setup, operational intervention, and administrative overhead than with any other database. Utility pricing means that your infrastructure costs are based on your exact resource consumption. Adopting serverless processes can help you scale your business while actually lowering costs. FaunaDB itself is proven, and actively serving tens of millions of users around the world today.

Check out the full article to get Fauna CTO Matt Freels’ insight on:

  • Essential features for a serverless database
  • Escaping the provisioning trap
  • The serverless security model
  • A comparison of DynamoDB and FaunaDB
  • And more…

You can read the entire article here.

Want to learn more about FaunaDB’s design and implementation? Check out the technical white paper here.

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