Why I Joined the Next Big Database Startup and You Should Too

I’ve been with Fauna since November 2016 and in the database industry for a decade. I rode the first wave of NoSQL and built systems that power your everyday shopping, airline and hotel bookings, online gaming, viral media, medical records, wind farms and factory automation.

Since those heady days, the NoSQL movement has matured. Everyone is onboard, from CIOs at the Fortune 100 to highschool hackers. The previous generation’s skepticism about leaving SQL behind is gone, replaced with real energy and a focus on practical solutions to business and operational problems. In the early days, even cutting edge adopters were full of questions. Today, people know what they need from a database.

FaunaDB is that database. I have never experienced the kind of interest and excitement that FaunaDB has created. Users of all kinds know that the Fauna team understands their problems, and critically–that we have the experience to solve them. The market is hungry to move on from legacy RDBMSs that don’t address modern development patterns, but also from first generation NoSQL systems with inadequate features and poor operational characteristics. The smiles on developers’ faces at conferences are a nice bonus.

“I have never been very comfortable with database programming, but FaunaDB has been extremely easy to integrate with my app, so much so that I am continually thinking of new uses for it! I absolutely love FaunaDB!”
— Chris Klugewicz

By any measure my previous startup is a huge success, running major components of the digital economy. But it’s different this time. Customers and users are educated about the options, and have the processes in place to evaluate and adopt new database technologies. New solutions are finding a ready market. For Fauna, that means favorable winds and following seas.

FaunaDB Cloud signups are up and to the right, and even ahead of the FaunaDB On-Premises launch, our enterprise pipeline is overflowing as well, with huge brands you’ve heard of across all major market verticals. To be honest, we’re struggling to keep up.

With that in mind, we’re hiring across all functions of the company: sales, marketing, and engineering. To prepare for this growth we’ve spent time building a culture to be proud of: innovative, diverse, supportive, and collaborative. Operational databases can be lifetime commitments for customers, and we, and our investors, are in it for the long haul. You can read about our employee friendly policies in the Washington Post, the Christian Science Monitor, and right here on our blog.

If you’re as excited as we are by this enormous opportunity, reach out and tell us what your dream job looks like.