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Distributed ledger without the blockchain

The blockchain is inspiring a new generation of financial services innovation, but blockchain technology is often pressed into service when it’s not the best fit for requirements, for instance, as a distributed ledger. A distributed ledger allows participants at different sites to maintain shared transaction logs. It can function as the backbone for funds transfer clearing houses or for any other dataset that needs to keep account balances consistent across replicas.

Blockchains typically aren’t optimized for transaction rate. Instead they focus on enforcing trust through proof of work. Adding participants does not spread the work out, instead it increases the total amount of work each must do. Most distributed ledgers don’t need to run among untrusted parties, so the blockchain is a poor fit.

centralized, decentralized, distributed

When participants are trusted, an ACID compliant distributed database offers a simpler solution for a scalable distributed ledger. Fauna’s CTO Matt Freels gives an in-depth look at a ledger use case in this article about transactions. This blog post is hands-on with an example pet store application.

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ACID transactions in a globally distributed database

One of the features of FaunaDB that has generated the most excitement is its strongly consistent distributed ACID transaction engine. In this post we’ll explain how FaunaDB’s Calvin-inspired transaction engine processes ACID transactions in a partitioned, globally distributed environment, and how you can take advantage of them in your applications.

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Our $25M series A: Building a database and a company to last


A year ago, almost to the day, we announced our round of seed funding. That investment provided enough fuel for us to expand the team, move into a great new office in San Francisco in Jackson Square, continue working with our early customers, and launch FaunaDB to the public.

Today, I’m excited to announce another milestone. Fauna has raised $25M in series A financing, the largest series A ever for an operational database company. I’d like to explain the justification for this historic investment.

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Azure Functions with Serverless, Node.js and FaunaDB

Azure Functions offer serverless on-demand execution of your code based on external events like HTTP requests, chat messages, etc. FaunaDB Serverless Cloud is purpose-built to be a database for serverless runtimes like Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Functions. The post shows how to connect to FaunaDB Serverless Cloud from JavaScript running in Azure Functions.

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FaunaDB Developer Edition: Download a preview today


FaunaDB has been available as a managed, serverless, cloud database since March. We’re seeing tremendous interest in and adoption of our cloud service, but we’ve also gotten many requests to make FaunaDB available for download. Sometimes it’s just easier to work against a local instance of your database.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can begin developing against FaunaDB on your laptop today. We are releasing a preview version of FaunaDB Developer Edition that you can download simply by creating a FaunaDB account. FaunaDB Developer Edition is a single-node, plug-and-play version of FaunaDB. It requires no installation or configuration, and is ideal for local development and testing.

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FaunaDB enters the enterprise

Today we are excited to announce the preview release of FaunaDB Enterprise. With this release, FaunaDB’s modern query features and operational capabilities are available for deployment anywhere: developer workstations, on-premises datacenters, public clouds, private clouds, or hybrid configurations. This preview release represents years of design, development, and maturation of FaunaDB by a team with decades of collective experience building distributed systems.

FaunaDB Enterprise is designed to span any combination of public clouds, private clouds, or on-premises datacenters.

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Secure database-driven applications on Neocities

Neocities’ mission is to “make the web fun again by giving you back control of how you express yourself online.” Their user-friendly platform for creating and hosting web content provides a crucial first step for aspiring designers and programmers. Neocities hosts millions of simple HTML sites, so we thought we would demonstrate how easy it is to use FaunaDB with a single page application deployed to Neocities.

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