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Time-traveling databases

Is a temporal database the same as a time-series database? This is a frequent point of confusion.

What is a time series?

Let’s start by discussing the more popular concept of the time-series database.

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Not Your Regular Office Space

Diversity is an interesting contemplation for me. As the Director of Recruiting, it is always a pressing concern: how can I bring a variety of different ideas, perspectives, histories, and cultures together to draw out the best in the team? As a woman in a male-dominated industry, an immigrant, and a member of an ethnic and religious minority, the question has always been: will I fit in?

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Welcome to the jungle

In early 2008, I joined Twitter as a backend engineer. First order of business: adding a server timeout. Second, something to display after that timeout: the famous fail whale page. At the time, MySQL scalability was our most critical bottleneck. Unable to find any off-the-shelf databases that would meet our needs, we did it ourselves and created the distributed data services that made tweeting reliable: the social graph, the timeline service, the image repository, the users database, and the tweet database.

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