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The effortless backend for Jamstack
applications with GraphQL

Fauna is a fully-featured database delivered as an API, that fits frictionlessly into your Jamstack frameworks of choice.

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Jamstack needs a serverless database

Jamstack applications require a secure and operations-free database accessible from the browser. But monolithic architectures such as SQL and legacy NoSQL databases were built to sit behind an app server, so they are not directly accessible to Jamstack clients.

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Fauna for Jamstack

Fauna helps you simplify code, reduce costs, and ship faster, by delivering powerful database capabilities as a data API with support for GraphQL and custom business logic.... Thus, instead of provisioning database resources, managing nodes, and building your own backend you can focus your energy on building your Jamstack application.


Supports your framework of choice

No matter which stack you use, or where you’re deploying your app, Fauna provides effortless, low-latency, and reliable access to your data.


Serverless GraphQL in seconds

Fauna instantly generates a standards-compliant GraphQL backend from your schema. Combined with user-defined functions, it lets you create powerful business logic and access easily from your web and mobile clients via an API call.


Low latency global access

Fauna delivers predictable low latency read/write access no matter where your clients are running ensuring a fast and consistent experience for all your users.


No data loss, ever

Fauna replicates your data automatically, so that you don’t have to worry about data loss. Hosted across multiple cloud providers, Fauna is built for resilience.


Secure by default

With built-in authorization and a fine-grained security framework that integrates easily with 3rd party authentication services, Fauna makes it simple to implement your data security rules.


Zero operations at any scale

Say goodbye to data sharding, capacity provisioning, and database administration tasks typically associated with legacy SQL and NoSQL cloud services. Fauna scales transparently and takes care of all the data operations.

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