Daily API RoundUp: FaunaDB, EdiFabric, Geotab, Broadage Sports

Twenty APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Monetization, Shipping, Logistics and Food. Featured today is the FaunaDB GraphQL API, the Geotab API for fleet tracking, plus an API for retrieving mushroom observation data.

FaunaDB GraphQL API Now Generally Available

Fauna, a cloud-first database provider, has announced the general availability of its FaunaDB GraphQL API. The new API adds GraphQL support to its flagship database product: FaunaDB.

2019 View From the Top: FaunaDB

FaunaDB stands out in the cloud-native database market as a multi-model database that is also 100% ACID compliant, and can resolve transactions in globally distributed environments with the strictest isolation levels, at the lowest possible levels of latency.