01 Tutorials



Our tutorials provide a task-oriented introduction to the features of FaunaDB. They will get you up and running quickly.

For more advanced usage and information on specific functionality, see the Developer Guide, the Object Reference and the Query API.


The tutorials below demonstrate the capabilities of FaunaDB. Each provides a goal-oriented introduction to how FaunaDB can be applied to a specific problem.

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Hello World >

Connect to FaunaDB from your preferred programing language.

Basics >

Learn the basics of FaunaDB by creating a blog. Create, update, and read records, and query collections.

Social Graph >

Learn how to easily model social relationships in your app using FaunaDB’s relational query capabilities.

Reading History >

Learn how to query snapshots and events from arbitrary points in the past with FaunaDB’s temporal features.

Changing History >

Learn how to update or delete historical data that is incorrect.

Activity Feeds >

Learn how to create activity feeds using event queries.

User Authentication >

Learn how to use FaunaDB’s built-in authentication system to give access to your app’s data securely to users.

Multitenancy >

Learn how simple and flexible FaunaDB’s multitenancy is to use by creating a tree of databases based on the structure of an organization.

Quality of Service >

Learn how FaunaDB’s powerful QoS system eliminates the need for a redundant analytics system by enabling operators to prioritize production work over analytics work.