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Announcing New Global Regions for FaunaDB: South America and Asia

Today, we are announcing the addition of two new regions to FaunaDB: the first in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the second in Singapore. We're excited to expand FaunaDB's globally distributed footprint to these geographies. 

For these two regions, we have chosen to expand our cluster on Google Cloud Platform. Each region contains a full copy of your data. Your FaunaDB requests are routed to the closest region, eliminating the need to hop across the network to access a replica in the U.S. or in Europe. Therefore, we expect users in South America and Asia to see a significant performance boost. With these additions, FaunaDB now has a physical presence on four continents around the globe.

Community usage

The idea to expand the reach of our cloud coverage has been driven by our users, who are developing serverless apps all around the world. We continually strive for performance improvements in all aspects of FaunaDB.

If you’re deploying applications in these regions, we’d be curious to hear about your experiences. Please do reach out and let me know on Community Slack!