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The data API for modern applications

Fauna is a flexible, developer-friendly, transactional database delivered as a secure and scalable cloud API with native GraphQL. Never again worry about database provisioning, scaling, sharding, replication, or correctness.

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Powering big ideas and application modernization at innovators across the globe
EIDU ImageDigital AX Customer Logo ImageHannon HIll ImageMJH Life Sciences Image Delicious Simplicity ImageMeet Kai Logo ImageMatter Supply Co Image
EIDU ImageDigital AX Customer Logo ImageHannon HIll ImageMJH Life Sciences Image Delicious Simplicity ImageMeet Kai Logo ImageMatter Supply Co Image
EIDU ImageDigital AX Customer Logo ImageHannon HIll ImageMJH Life Sciences Image Delicious Simplicity ImageMeet Kai Logo ImageMatter Supply Co Image

Think data, not database operations

Fauna provides serverless, multi-region, transactional database instances that are accessible via a cloud API. Easy to adopt and highly productive to use, Fauna gives you the data safety and reliability you need, without the operational pain typically inflicted by databases!

A powerful and productive development experience

Fauna is a unique indexed document system that supports relations, documents and graphs for unmatched modeling flexibility. Its query interface features complex joins and custom business logic (ala stored procedures), as well as support for real-time streaming and GraphQL. Furthermore, Fauna is connectionless, and accessible directly from the browser or mobile clients. Simplify code and ship faster with Fauna!

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powerful and productive

A reliable, no-compromise platform that you can trust

Fauna gives you the data safety, security, and scalability you need to build a new business or modernize existing applications. Featuring a distributed data and compute engine that is strongly consistent, fast, and highly resilient, Fauna is grounded in academic research and Jepsen tested. It never loses your data, lets you start small, and scales globally when you're ready. Upgrade to Fauna and future-proof your business.

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Dependable and reliable

Total freedom from database complexity at every stage

Fauna is an API, not a DBaaS or a cluster that you must manage. It is provisioning-free, configuration-free and available instantly as a serverless utility. Once plugged in, it delivers limitless capacity, and throughput so your applications never break under unpredictable loads. Fauna completely eliminates operational overheads such as sharding, capacity planning, data replication, scheduled maintenance etc. This is database nirvana.

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With freedom

Hear why our customers love Fauna

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"We build modern technologies for managing large scale data solutions that require real-time processing and proof of transaction authenticity. We use Fauna as part of the serverless architecture because it meets our needs for scale and real-time performance."

Jim Nasr - CEO at Acoer

"Fauna just eliminated that entire bucket of tactical decisions that a database would typically force upon a growing startup. It checks all of our data model needs, and we don't have to make any trade offs to get that better operational experience."

James Kaplan - CEO MeetKai

"We're building for the metaverse and our ledger of data, record and activity is extremely important to us. Fauna allows us to support all this with consistent data, indexing, security and scale, enabling lightning fast queries that are easy to write"

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee - CEO Digitalax

"Fauna is the data API of choice for our applications. The rich, versatile feature set helps us build business logic faster, and it is backed by an awesome user community and customer support that we love."

Artur Tomusiak - Sr. Software Engineer at Hannon Hill

"Fauna is almost like an additional engineer because it thinks for itself and solves problems all while scaling up and down without any input from me. Fauna met everything that we were looking for today, but also future-proofs our application."

Eric Wyne - Software Engineer at Commission Buddies

"Fauna combines the scalability of MongoDB or DynamoDB with the reliability and power of SQL databases. Whether you’re using it only as a data store in your backend or if it is the entire backend of your app, Fauna is a real game-changer."

Felix Engelhardt - Lead Engineer at EIDU
EIDU logo

"Fauna’s native Query Language (FQL) combined with the ability to create our own database functions blew our minds. Fauna has elevated the experience of working with databases and turned it into something far more functional and creative."

Brian Webster - Co-Founder at Delicious Simplicity
DS Logo

"The Fauna team truly understands what the next generation of web technologies require to succeed. We choose Fauna for its next-generation serverless stacks with GraphQL, global data and on-demand scalability, and powerful business logic with FQL."

Marc Ammann - Principal at Matter Supply Co
MSC logo quote

"Fauna helps us deliver modern healthcare experiences, better and faster. With Fauna, we can focus on building robust, reliable data-driven applications, instead of having to manage databases. It is a game changer for modern business."

Aaron Campos - CEO of Dhamira

"Fauna enables developers to deliver fast, secure, performant web applications, backed by a serverless datastore, that requires zero management. Our users can now build modern web applications and integrate a serverless backend in minutes."

Bruno Fierens - CEO at TMS Software
TMS logo

A global data layer for every architecture

Fauna lets you build on the architecture that best suits your business. Be it microservices, single page applications (SPAs), serverless functions, Jamstack or classic three-tier web, Fauna helps you innovate faster.

Predictable global latency

Requests to Fauna are routed automatically to the region closest to the client ensuring low-latency reads and writes so that your app can deliver the snappiest user experience possible.

Failsafe data redundancy

Fauna distributes data globally in a strongly consistent fashion without compromising latency and scale. Committed writes are never lost minimizing the risk of data loss.

Secure by default

Fauna's unique API security model lets you protect applications with modern primitives, easy integrations with 3rd party identity providers and granular attribute-based access control.

Multi-cloud fabric

Cloud-agnostic in its architecture, Fauna operates across leading cloud providers to deliver data close to where your application resides, as well as limit your cloud provider lock-in.

Pay as you scale

With its metered billing model, and a tiered approach to features, Fauna is pain-free to start with. Use as much you need, pay for what you use, and protect against outages under high load.

Integrates effortlessly with your current investments

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