Global Transactional NoSQL

Productivity, safety, and operational simplicity in a unified distributed database.

From the team that scaled Twitter.

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01 Interface

The flexibility of documents

FaunaDB’s query language lets your applications and data model evolve independently—but still offers powerful features like joins, indexes, graphs, foreign keys, and change feeds.

Drivers are available for Ruby, Java, Scala, Android, JavaScript, C#, Python, Go, and Swift.

02 Engine

The safety of transactions

FaunaDB’s transaction engine offers distributed ACID transactions to enforce correctness, row-level security for defense-in-depth, and temporality for compliance and disaster recovery—just like an enterprise RDBMS.

03 Platform

The agility of containers

FaunaDB’s operational platform enables always-on global replication, multi-tenancy for shared services, and dynamic quality of service, keeping your applications running come hell or high water.

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04 Customers

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05 Results

With FaunaDB, we’re able to support tens of millions of users with a small operational staff. FaunaDB's global replication will help us maintain availability in case of unexpected regional outages. After launch, we optimized our service and cut our cloud bill significantly.

Bill Wagner

NVIDIA, Director of Cloud Services

  1. Fauna Topology Operations

    FaunaDB ensures that your database is online and available before, during, and after the execution of a operational commands.

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    Explore the motivations and technical design of FaunaDB in our new white paper.

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  3. Run your own FaunaDB Enterprise cluster

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06 Works with

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07 Use cases

FaunaDB is for mission-critical data.

FaunaDB’s transactional NoSQL model is designed for high value applications like invoicing systems, rewards programs, authentication directories, and user data.

  1. Distributed ledger

    Run flexible business transactions efficiently, securely, and correctly by building your trusted distributed ledger on a transactional NoSQL database. Let FaunaDB handle global consensus so you can focus on functionality.

  2. Identity management

    Use flexible document modeling and token authentication to build the IAM platform that's right for your business. Enforce access control requirements with object level security. Isolate identity domains for regulatory compliance with native multi-tenancy.

  3. Multi-tenancy

    Keep your internal and external customers isolated, secure, and compliant with native multi-tenancy. Support shared services with account identity and access control, resource metering and chargeback, and dynamic workload isolation.

  4. Enterprise mobile backend

    Launch apps quickly and securely by serving encrypted API data directly to edge devices with extensible authorization. Enforce read and write constraints with object level security. Build data change feeds with temporal event queries.

How FaunaDB Works

Learn about the innovations that make FaunaDB a transactional NoSQL database.

08 Our Investors