World's best serverless database, now with native GraphQL

Add a full-featured global data store to your apps in minutes. Access effortlessly from the browser and from mobile. Never again worry about data correctness, capacity, redundancy, latency, and availability.

What is FaunaDB?

FaunaDB is a serverless cloud database service that gives you ubiquitous low-latency access to your data, without sacrificing data correctness. Consequently, FaunaDB results in dramatically simpler application code without layers to handle data anomalies and a vastly superior experience for your app users.

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App data (state) made simple

Relational, document and graph access to the same set of data using modern APIs such as GraphQL that are easy to work with. No additional API or data middleware necessary.

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Correct instantly, not eventually

100% ACID, with globally consistent reads and writes without compromising latency and scale. Trust your app data. Eliminate unnecessary code.

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Fast global data access

Data automatically replicated across global regions instantly, correctly. Requests are routed automatically to the region closest to the user for low-latency reads and writes ensuring snappiest possible app experience.

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Pay as you scale

Start risk-free with industry's more generous free tiers. Throttling-free transparent scaling, so your app never encounters unplanned capacity hiccups or outages.

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Goodbye, operations

Signup and go. Never again deal with database provisioning, clustering, backups, and maintenance. Spans multiple clouds so you never see downtime. It just works.

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What's the buzz about?

Our customers love FaunaDB because it is trustworthy, reliable, and accurate. They also get much simpler application development and database management—all with a lower total cost of ownership.

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