A modern operational data platform built for your cloud

FaunaDB delivers the strong consistency, relational access, and data security you need without sacrificing the global scale and interface flexibility you want. It was thought to be impossible until we built it.

Runs everywhere you are: private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or serverless. 

A Relational NoSQL approach

To deliver strong consistency, resilience, and scalability in the cloud, FaunaDB leverages Calvin, a deterministic protocol that is hardware and network independent, and thus multi-cloud.

Externally Consistent

Strongest transactional guarantees to ensure that you deliver correct data to your customers, each time, every time, even under highly concurrent workloads

Globally Replicated

Active-active replicas so you can distribute your data close to your users to deliver the snappiest user experience possible for both reads as well as writes

Elastic Throughput

Dynamically scale from your cluster while preserving data correctness, for serving the most demanding business-critical workloads

Resilient & Reliable

Hardened data management that won't lose your data to routine cloud chaos such as clock skews or node interruptions, and can deliver 100% cluster uptime

Developer Friendly

Relational, document, and graph access to the same set of data, using APIs like GraphQL you are already familiar with (CQL and SQL coming soon).

Cloud-native Operations

Built specifically for cloud environments, FaunaDB cluster management makes it operate and scale in private, public or multi-cloud topologies

Operates on all cloud-native platforms (or anywhere you can run a JVM)

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
We made it effortless to try

Start for free. Deploy on-premises, in any cloud or use our Serverless DBaaS. We have you covered. (See pricing).

What's the buzz about?

Our customers love FaunaDB because it is trustworthy, reliable, and accurate. They also get much simpler application development and database management—all with a lower total cost of ownership.

Innovators choose FaunaDB


FaunaDB empowers your business

FaunaDB is a safe, reliable, flexible, scalable, and performant database that grows with your needs.

Productivity Speeding Stopwatch
Developer Productivity Laptop Gears
Reduced Tco Cost
Unlimit your applications

Discover the impossible database. Unshackle your data. Focus on the business. Change the world.