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Modern, adaptive operational database from the team that scaled Twitter

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01 Why Fauna?

FaunaDB is the modern, adaptive operational database built from the ground up to help digital business scale—without compromising productivity or agility.

Modern applications thrive on real-time data. They launch rapidly and at global scale. Adoption can be wildly unpredictable. Competition is fierce and only the fittest survive.

Existing systems make it difficult to react to emerging market conditions in time to exploit new opportunities. They can also tie you down and prevent you from fending off disruptive competition.

02 Customers

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03 What is Fauna?

FaunaDB delivers the features, without the tradeoffs

  1. Fig.1

    Adaptive scale

    Dynamically apportion database resources among teams, projects, or divisions based on business priorities.

  2. Fig.2


    Seamlessly replicate datasets across global data centers for a reliable local real-time experience and control over geographical data sharing.

  3. Fig.3

    Flexible deployment

    Grows with your development lifecycle by supporting cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments.

  4. Fig.5

    ACID consistency

    Enable your applications to execute business-critical transactions in the context of real-time end user experiences.

  5. Fig.6

    Developer productivity

    Interact with the system via a simple, unified query model that transparently supports relational, document, graph, and temporal data models in a single call.

  6. Fig.4

    Built-in security

    Govern your data with built-in security, from granular access control to encryption.

04 Query Model

A query model to unify your data

FaunaDB is purpose-built to support data diversity, enabling rich end user experiences at massive scale.

In FaunaDB, traditional joins, constraints, indexes, and views are transparently combined with temporal structures. FaunaDB maintains an implicit history of every piece of data. Developers can use time-slice queries to easily build activity feeds, manage data retention, and sync changes with other systems.

FaunaDB’s unified query language bridges both worlds: it’s safe, predictable, and consistent. Insulating developers from infrastructure details, it is more flexible than NoSQL and more secure than SQL. FaunaDB executes all queries atomically, transactionally, and in parallel for maximum performance.

05 Who is it for?

FaunaDB delivers benefits across the organization

  1. App Developers

    • Enhance end user experience through speed and rich queries

    • Add new features rapidly, without compromising stability

    • Replace multiple complex queries with simpler, elegant queries across multiple data models

  2. Backend Developers

    • Tailor data models to optimize specific use cases

    • Insulate data consumers from backend changes

    • Optionally apply schemas where data consistency is required

  3. Operations

    • Tune resource usage for multiple projects across data centers

    • Maximize utilization to keep costs down

    • Align QoS objectives with business priorities

  4. IT Managers & Architects

    • Secure, govern, and audit data

    • Consolidate redundant infrastructure and lower total cost

    • Maximize engineering optionality

    • Align deployment models with business objectives

Modern applications are driving new requirements and forcing database technology to evolve.

Interested to find out how an adaptive operational database can help your project? To learn more, request the white paper.

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06 What can it do?

Any application, any job

Fauna's architecture is designed for 21st-century application models, not business reporting or key-value paradigms from the 1980s. Leap ahead with scalable, flexible, managed access to your critical business data.

  1. Mobile

    Provide data directly to mobile clients, bypassing intermediaries like application servers.

  2. Ecommerce

    Boost sales with relevant associative real-time data, while safely implementing purchases and other business transactions.

  3. SaaS

    Keep customers isolated, secure, and in compliance using a hierarchical, multi-tenant architecture.

  4. Social

    Unlock the value contained in relationships among entities like people and products.

  5. IoT

    Collect and query massive data sets in real time from sensors embedded in devices, vehicles, or the environment.

  6. Games

    Build a great experience by putting data close to your users while eliminating the risk of 'catastrophic success' for games that go viral.

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