FaunaDB Enters the Enterprise

Today we are excited to announce the preview release of FaunaDB Enterprise. With this release, FaunaDB’s modern query features and operational capabilities are available for deployment anywhere: developer workstations, on-premises datacenters, public clouds, private clouds, or hybrid configurations. This preview release represents years of design, development, and maturation of FaunaDB by a team with decades of collective experience building distributed systems.

FaunaDB Enterprise is designed to span any combination of public clouds, private clouds, or on-premises data centers.

We launched FaunaDB Cloud in March, and the response has been overwhelming. In less than 4 months, our database-as-a-service has seen tremendous adoption by individuals, consultancies, SaaS companies, and others. The emerging serverless movement needs serverless data, and we are honored to provide it.

However, enterprises usually need to operate their own infrastructure for many different reasons, some technical, some business, beyond just the cutting edge. With this release, we are enabling IT organizations to do what we do: deploy and replicate FaunaDB clusters across any public clouds, any private clouds, and any physical infrastructure in any part of the world, while maintaining enterprise-grade strong consistency, availability, and security.

FaunaDB on Your Laptop

We can’t succeed without your feedback, so along with this announcement we are also releasing a preview version of FaunaDB Developer Edition. You can download the software package by creating a FaunaDB account. The download can be found under Releases. Packaged as a single Java JAR, it has no service or library dependencies aside from a recent JVM.

We’ve built our communication and support tools directly into the dashboard so that you get help from our team with minimal friction. When your organization is ready to begin a strategic project, we’re happy to set up dedicated channels to support your work.

FaunaDB Developer Edition is free, but limited—you can’t set up a distributed cluster with it, and it’s not tuned for high performance. But you can start developing against FaunaDB on your workstation today, and we look forward to incorporating your feedback into the enterprise build.

Enterprise-First Development

Our team took an extremely conservative approach to developing and releasing FaunaDB. Foundational concerns like the query language, the performance profile, and consistency and operational capabilities must be co-developed. For example, it’s difficult to retrofit performance on a system that was never originally designed for it—early assumptions turn out to be invalid if not verified. So we took our time.

A significant portion of that time was spent architecting, developing, and maturing features under real-life customer production workloads.

FaunaDB has been running in production on commercial cloud platforms by our major customers for over a year. Last year NVIDIA launched to millions of end users, backed by FaunaDB in a global configuration that today serves tens of millions of users.

Cloud-First Launch

In contrast to the enterprise-first philosophy behind FaunaDB’s design and implementation, we took a cloud-first approach to our launch. FaunaDB’s unique multi-tenantQoS-managed architecture makes it ideal for serverless delivery. FaunaDB Cloud makes FaunaDB instantly available to every developer for free. At the same time, it forces us to truly eat our own dogfood —by operating a global, multi-cloud FaunaDB cluster exactly like our enterprise customers do.

FaunaDB Could is deployed to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and soon Microsoft Azure, supporting production applications at global scale.

While other databases can claim some level of feature parity with FaunaDB, they are either unproven in production use or they require a massive operational investment to productionize successfully.

We are confident that FaunaDB is the best general-purpose distributed database, and it will keep getting better.

The Road Ahead

FaunaDB Enterprise will reach general availability in the fall. Between now and then, we’re focusing on query language improvements (always backwards compatible!), the operational interface, documentation, and other tools, so that FaunaDB’s sweet spot of mixed document, relational, and graph use cases gets even easier to use.

For production use and testing now, contact us and we’ll get you access to the full preview package.