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Global Multi-Cloud Replication in Fauna

Evan Weaver|Jun 8th, 2017|


Fauna is a serverless globally distributed cloud database-as-a-service. Other cloud databases offer single-master configurations with global replication or multi-master configurations with continental replication, but only Fauna truly supports low latency read and write access from anywhere.
But where does your Fauna data actually live? We’re very excited to show you the new cloud status page.
Fauna is multi-cloud, with a single cluster spanning AWS and Google Cloud Platform. After all, if you have to worry about your provider’s infrastructure availability, then you’re not really dealing with a truly serverless database. Part of our mission is to insulate applications from infrastructure dependencies. When your data spans public clouds, your applications can use best-of-breed cloud services wherever they are found.

Upcoming Regions

Soon, we’ll expand our cloud to GCP’s Singapore region. This will not affect the latency profile of existing applications: writes to Fauna only need to commit to the closest majority of datacenters to maintain consistency. Currently, all data in Fauna Cloud is replicated to every region, guaranteeing low latency reads.
blog post image
Measured region latencies
Later this year we will release dynamic site selection, letting you choose per-database where your data should live, and change it on the fly. Along with that release, we will expand to additional regions, including some in Microsoft Azure. The upcoming regions, subject to change, are:
  • Wenya, Singapore (GCP)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (GCP)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (Azure)
  • Toronto, Canada (Azure)
  • New South Wales, Australia (Azure)

Cheaper, Faster, Better

A three, five, or even nine datacenter cluster would be prohibitively expensive with any other solution. But in our cloud, it’s not: it’s still paid as you go. You only ever pay for the queries you run and the actual data you choose to store in each region.
Fauna is being used by individuals, small companies, and even the Fortune 500. With global availability at serverless pricing, why would you ever use anything else?

If you enjoyed our blog, and want to work on systems and challenges related to globally distributed systems, serverless databases, GraphQL, and Jamstack, Fauna is hiring!

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