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Table of Contents


Product updates - June 2021

Summer Schrader & Shashank Golla|Jun 18th, 2021|


Monthly Updates
Welcome to the second edition of Fauna’s monthly product newsletter! We have a ton of new features and product releases to catch you up on. If you didn’t read our update last month, check it out here in the Fauna blog. As always, if you have any feedback on these features, please email us at product@fauna.com.

More Fauna integrations!

We are focused on integrating Fauna with the best of breed technologies across your development stack. Last month we announced our partnership with Cloudflare Workers’ so your users can see lower round trip latencies when running their code in multiple locations. This month, we have a few more integrations coming your way.

Integrate Fauna directly from your Vercel console

Fauna + Vercel
If you’re using Vercel to develop and ship applications, you can now integrate Fauna with your applications directly from Vercel’s integration console. To learn more about using this integration, check us out on Vercel’s integration marketplace.
What's Vercel, and why the integration...?
Vercel is a powerful platform that enables developers to deploy frontend applications at scale without any configuration. Developers building on Vercel can now effortlessly add state to their applications using Fauna’s data API.

Deploy Fauna directly from Serverless Framework In preview on Fauna-labs

You can now leverage Serverless Framework to deploy Fauna alongside your other serverless resources like AWS Lambda functions, IAM roles, and more. The Fauna plugin for Serverless Framework allows you to manage Fauna databases and resources directly in your serverless.yml file for easy integration with your CI/CD pipelines, and to keep your databases in sync across multiple environments. To learn more about using this integration, please follow this usage example.
What's Serverless Framework and why the integration...?
Serverless Framework enables developers to deploy serverless resources in an automated fashion. Leveraging Fauna with Serverless Framework enables you to easily add and manage state in serverless applications built with the Serverless Framework.

Fauna’s GraphQL 1.5.0 API improves schema import experience

Fauna GraphQL
We’re excited to release the latest version of our GraphQL API featuring a new schema import mode: “replace. The new “replace” mode enables you to replace any current GraphQL metadata stored in collections, indexes, functions, and databases without modifying the underlying user-created documents in any way!

Dashboard improvements

Fauna Console
We’re continuing to improve Fauna’s dashboard capabilities based on your feedback. The latest Dashboard release includes:
  • Pagination for browsing collections containing many documents
  • Custom “manager” and “customer” roles to the demo data to better demonstrate ABAC features
  • Improved time range dropdown for the “overage breakdown” graph on the home page, including using the current month as the default
  • Addition of the GraphQL schema Replace mode button, and removal of the button for the GraphQL schema Override mode
  • Improved handling of Role changes when the membership or privilege resources no longer exist

We want your feedback!

Let us know what you think of these features and content via email, or our Comment Box.
Even more importantly, help us figure out what's next!
We plan our product roadmap based on user requests and feedback. So, if there is anything else you'd like to see prioritized in our product roadmap, please vote for it in the Fauna Forums' Feature Requests category, or create a new topic and vote for it!

If you enjoyed our blog, and want to work on systems and challenges related to globally distributed systems, and serverless databases, Fauna is hiring!

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