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Table of Contents


Write With Fauna - Calling all Fauna Enthusiasts!

Apr 7th, 2020(Last updated: Jul 25th, 2023)|


For the latest updates on the Write with Fauna program, please visit the GitHub repo.
The “Write with Fauna” program aims to develop educational content for the MACH stack with a focus on driving material that dives deeper into this methodology, its ecosystem, the best practices, and tutorials, especially as they pertain to using Fauna. 
If you are building modern applications using JavaScript frameworks and languages such as Java/Python/Go etc., combining components such as microservices, serverless functions, 3rd party APIs, etc., with Fauna, the Write with Fauna program is a way for you to contribute to the community by writing technical content, and getting paid for doing so.
We expect to pay between up to $700 in reward (as well as some cool Fauna swag) for  approved content based on the quality of your writing, technical depth and included examples/code. Exceptions may apply based on content quality.
For more information as well as an FAQ please visit the Write with Fauna ReadMe.

Program details

If you are building commercial-grade applications with Fauna, we invite you to participate in the paid Write with Fauna program. We are also open to and encourage video content as well.
Join in on the community discussion and grow your personal brand in the process.

We are looking for articles that generally cover:

Data modeling strategies applied to real-world business applications
Larger architectural discussions or best practice tips for building full stack serverless apps

How the Program Works:

Have an idea that you’d like to write about? Great! Here’s what to expect:
Submit your proposal via https://www2.fauna.com/write-with-fauna. You must include an abstract and any relevant or recently published articles.
The Fauna editorial team will review your submission promptly, and if selected, you will be contacted and asked to provide a more detailed outline. You and the team will also discuss scheduling, placement, and reward amount at this time.
The Fauna team and technical editors will provide reviews until the article is ready for publication on the agreed-upon outlet and date.
Once you’re post is published you will send an invoice to our team and get paid!
Note: These general guidelines for our process, but we understand you likely have more questions. Please review our FAQ below for additional details about publishing rights, reward amounts, formatting, and review cycles.
Interested, but still have questions before submitting a topic? Please see our FAQ below.


Does Fauna have a style guide?

While we don't have a formal writing and style guide, our editors mainly look at overall structure. Please include an intro about what you are building or will be writing about, followed by the body of your content, and don't forget about a conclusion section at the end where you can recap what you've covered and link out to any other helpful resources.

Are there any limits to who can participate in the program?

Due to new state law in California, we can unfortunately not contract with Californians through this program.

How long do I get to write?

Typically we find that once a contract is signed, it takes the writer between 2-3 weeks to complete a draft article. Once you submit your draft, our editors will provide feedback in 2-3 days.

How much will I get paid for my article?

We are currently focused on publishing high-level content from writers who are Fauna experts. We compensate up to $700 for these articles.

How long should my article be?

Article length will vary depending on multiple factors such as topic and complexity so we do not impose minimum or maximum word count. Instead, we encourage writers to focus on writing a complete article with examples and context that has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Please include code samples whenever applicable.

Where will my article be published?

We primarily publish articles to the Fauna blog, or externally publications such as Dev.to. Occasionally, we may use your article for a sponsorship piece in publications such as CSS Tricks and The New Stack. Regardless of where we publish your content, you will always know ahead of time when and where your article will live. In many cases, we will have you publish to any applicable medium or dev.to account. We will also send you a unique tracking parameter to add to any Fauna links so that we can track referral traffic accurately.

What is the review process?

Once you submit your article, a technical editor will review for accuracy and overall content structure. After any technical revisions, the article will go through a final voice review within the Fauna marketing team. The last steps are publication and promotion.

Can I publish the article to my personal blog after it’s published through the program?

Yes, you may publish to your personal blog once it’s been published to the agreed-upon outlet. Note: Our team will ensure/remind you to add a canonical tag or reference where the article originally appeared at the top of your piece.

Do you respond to all submissions?

We try to respond to everyone, but due to the volume of requests we may not be in touch if your proposal is rejected.
Have another question not addressed here? Reach out to us before submitting your topic proposal.
We look forward to your participation! Please get started here.

If you enjoyed our blog, and want to work on systems and challenges related to globally distributed systems, and serverless databases, Fauna is hiring!

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