01 Who We Are

At Fauna we're advancing the state of the art in database design.

Our team builds FaunaDB, operates FaunaDB Serverless Cloud, and works with customers and partners to make sure everyone succeeds with FaunaDB.

02 Our culture

Our work environment is relaxed, creative, and collaborative. We approach our work with humility and rigor, and value personal responsibility highly.

We know that diverse teams are strong teams, and welcome those with alternative identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Our team includes women, men, mothers, fathers, the self-taught, the college-educated, and people of a variety of races, nationalities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.

03 Open positions


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The ecosystem engineering team is responsible for the technical and social responsibilities that support the growth of Fauna. We are Solution Architecture, Sales Engineering, Developer Experience, Technical Writing, and Community.

At Fauna, you will work closely with our Marketing and Enterprise Sales teams from lead generation through the completion of the sales cycle - and beyond. Fauna is still growing so our needs are always changing, but as a Solution Architect you will most often be:

You Will:

  • Author blog posts, and attending conferences and meetups to spread knowledge about FaunaDB.
  • Craft diagrams and presentations to benefit sales and training efforts.
  • Build applications that demonstrate the power and flexibility of FaunaDB.
  • Work with prospects and customers, alongside Account Managers, to properly convey the strengths of FaunaDB and how it can help resolve crucial problems.
  • Collaborate with clients and prospective customers on Proof of Concept projects using FaunaDB.
  • Educate on the technical architecture, assisting with data modeling and query design, and training users on development and operational features of FaunaDB.

You Have:

  • Previous professional experience in a customer-facing sales (or equivalent) role.
  • Experience delivering short and long product presentations, as well as experience leading interactive sessions.
  • Experience using and operating Relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Development experience in one or more of the following languages: Scala, Java, Go, Python, or Ruby, and / or other functional programming experience.
  • Hands on experience developing on and administering *NIX operating systems.
  • The ability and appetite to become proficient in unfamiliar technologies.
  • The bandwidth to travel up to 50%.
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Come join the Core team at Fauna, where you’ll be working directly on our strongly consistent, distributed database. This means writing Scala code, every day, and working with other engineers to expand Fauna’s feature set while keeping its promise of ACID-compliance, fault tolerance, and strong consistency.

The creation of a distributed database that is strongly consistent requires incredibly disciplined engineering. Our software has been four years in the making, and we’ve taken the time to build things right. You’ll be working with engineers who have been tech leads for JVM teams and for storage backends, and helped architect Twitter’s data infrastructure.

Everyone here is a grown up. We for reals follow best practices. We also have lives outside of work, and go home for dinner.

Family friendly, remote friendly. Supportive coworkers.
Small company with plenty of room for growth, both in technical skills and in your career.

You’ll be well-versed in one or more of the following:

  • Scala or another functional programming language
  • JVM experience is a plus
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Fault-tolerant network services
  • Performance analysis
  • Familiarity with some of the following is a bonus:
    • Storage Engines (LSM Trees, B-Trees, etc)
    • Consensus Protocols (RAFT, Paxos, ZooKeeper, etc)

Required: BS, MS, or PhD in computer science or a related field, or equivalent work experience

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You are a talented software engineer that has a breadth of experience across many aspects of software development. You have a strong sense of the technical and social elements that make up a successful and highly functioning engineering team. You enjoy picking up new technologies and working on a wide array of problems that will have a large impact on Fauna and its customers.

You will:

  • Be a technical leader for the Ecosystem Engineering team, which is responsible for all customer-facing tools and libraries.
  • Work with engineering leadership to formalize the team's engineering practices and standards.
  • Develop internal-facing systems and tools, such as analytics and customer billing.
  • Architect and implement new features to improve the ease of use of Fauna.

You are:

  • Professional experience working in multiple programming languages and ecosystems. Java, Scala, C#, Go, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • A proven track record in seeing projects from design to production.
  • A sensibility towards writing understandable, maintainable code that will set a standard for quality.
  • Experience mentoring and motivating other engineers.

Bonus Points:

  • Frontend JS experience.
  • Experience with Linux system administration, especially in an on-call role.


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You are a focused software engineer looking to lead Fauna's front-end development for years to come. You are passionate about designing scalable, performant, and maintainable front-end applications. You are eager to build the tools that developers and operators at small startups, and large enterprises will use.

You take pride in building rich, intuitive, and engaging web experiences for future customers and current users.

You will:

  • Develop Fauna's existing and future customer-facing tools and products, e.g. Developer Dashboard, interactive documentation, etc
  • Help define Fauna's overall design language
  • Be responsible for the full lifecycle of software development for these products, from design to test to deployment
  • Work with our core engineering team and solutions architects to identify customer usage patterns in order to inform product design

You Are:

  • Experienced working with large Node.js and client-side JS projects
  • Experienced with modern JS frameworks such as React+Flux, Vue, Angular, etc
  • An expert with CSS, coupled with a good understanding of UX and design
  • Deeply familiar with each layer of the stack, especially some familiarity with database usage and terminology
Bonus Points for experience with:
  • Data Visualization 
  • Design 
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04 What We Offer

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    We are family-friendly and support a healthy work-life balance, instead of the crunch and burnout cycle common to startups.

    We ask only for your loyalty and hope that you can build your career with us.

  2. Fig.2


    We offer competitive equity, salary, 401K, health benefits, and commuter benefits.

    Our paid time off policy covers maternity and paternity leave, family leave, vacation, and also civic engagement.

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    Our office is located in the historic Jackson Square neighborhood in San Francisco, California.

05 Our commitment

Fauna is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Our company is committed to fair hiring practices and to creating a welcoming environment for our employees. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status.

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