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Let developers

Our distributed serverless database sets dev teams free to build faster, scale confidently, and soar above all operational obstacles.


Developer Tooling

Accelerate your time-to-delivery and reduce risk with DevOps tooling that will enable your database development velocity to keep up with your application across the planning, coding, testing, and deployment phases.



Accelerate generative AI app development with Fauna and AWS

Learn about a stack that will get you started quickly and automatically scale as your application grows.

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Fauna: Architectural overview

Get an inside look into Fauna's uniquely flexible data model that provides strictly serialized, multi-region distributed transactions with no data consistency compromises.

Plan and iterate faster with Schema as Code

The Fauna Schema Language defines domain models, access controls, and user-defined functions in human-readable language and is managed as a set of files in a code repository. The Fauna CLI is used to send queries, upload CSV files, or upload or download FSL files to and from your database. Fauna’s Schema as Code approach allows you to automate changes at the schema level without manual intervention.

Code with confidence through familiar interfaces

Fauna offers a set of lightweight drivers for several languages that support secure, dynamic query generation through interfaces developers are accustomed to. Or, connect via Fauna’s native HTTP API that is simple enough to be called directly by resource-constrained applications, such as edge or IoT applications. Fauna’s VS Code extension allows developers to run queries with auto-completion and browse Fauna databases, indexes, collections, documents, and user-defined functions within VS Code.

Test locally with features designed to reduce risk

Fauna enables developers to test any changes with a real dataset against a local container before pushing to CI/CD pipelines and releasing to production - ensuring that errors or regressions are identified early. Meanwhile, Fauna’s Backup & Copy system enables developers to make copies of snapshots and test and develop against a copy of real data, safely isolated from production environments.a copy of real data and Fauna’s Data Import tool allows you to load a known dataset into a pre-production environment for testing, safely isolated from production environments.

Deploy easily with seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines

Incorporate schema-level changes into broader CI/CD workflows through the Fauna schema API’s integrations with GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD. Automatically update the schema of any target database when changes are pushed or when pull requests are accepted to a branch of a repository and run your test suite to validate that the changes haven’t introduced new regressions. Create Fauna resources with the Serverless Plugin or integrate with other tools such as Pulumi, Terraform, or CFN through custom resources.

Serve customers globally without operations

Once an application has been pushed to a CI/CD pipeline, Fauna’s Distributed Transaction Engine provides strong consistency, multi-region configuration, low latency, and high availability out-of-the-box. Meanwhile, Fauna’s serverless, API delivery model offloads the operational burden from development teams and naturally integrates with API-driven, modern architectures.

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FSL quick start

Get up and running quickly with a step-by-step guide to FSL.


GitHub and GitLab tutorial

Check out this hands on guide for integrating with GitHub and GitLab.

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New to Fauna Query Language?

This guide can help you get started with FQL in under 10 minutes.

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Build complete applications using technology like AWS Services, Cloudflare, and more.

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“Leveraging Fauna’s document-relational model allows us to forget about schema changes and focus just on deploying the code, which allows us to deploy faster without timing the deployments or schema changes. At the same time, we can still apply relations. The word that comes to mind when I think about Fauna is ‘flexible’.”

Steve Lam


“The value of Fauna’s DevOps tooling is in its flexible APIs; we can easily and quickly integrate it into any automated deployment tools. Fauna simplifies data access controls directly on the database, so there’s both added security and little additional engineering required to manage it – we can push and pull schema-level updates with orchestration tools like Pulumi and GitHub Actions. Another incredible thing is that we are able to create and manage a Fauna with a single Pulumi construct without any additional infrastructure to ensure it can scale.”

Marcelo Reyna

Head of Infrastructure

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