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New Fauna plans: FAQs

What are the plan adjustments?

We’ve made updates to our multi-tenant plans. Virtual Private Fauna plans will not change. For information on the new plans, you can visit fauna.com/pricing.

Why are we making this change?

Fauna's current plans were created in 2020 and the service has matured significantly in the past 3 years. Based on feedback from our growing customer base we have worked to re-package our offerings to better align to how we see customers today start and grow with Fauna over time. By aligning packaging with the requirements of our customers, Fauna aims to provide you with more granular options and enhanced flexibility, enabling you to optimize your resources and scale effortlessly. The updated plans underscore Fauna's dedication to meeting the evolving demands of its diverse user base and maintaining its position as a reliable and cost-effective choice for businesses in today's rapidly changing digital landscape.

When will the new plans take effect?

New customers will start in this new plan structure effective immediately.  Existing customers will have until December 30, 2023, to opt into the new plans.

I’m on one of the current plans, what are my options?

You can opt-in for the plan that works best for your application requirements. To move to a specific tier that's best for you, you can contact Fauna support to get activated at support@fauna.com.  

If you do not opt into a new plan your account will be moved to a similar plan, and the change will take effect on Jan 1, 2024.

If I don’t want to move to the new plans, what are my options?

It will depend on the requirements of your application.  If your growing application requires better performance and service levels, you can choose a higher plan that provides that.  Otherwise, you can pay as you go or adjust your usage.  Contact support as mentioned above if you want to explore your options, or your app requirements or usage changes, or if you require a downgrade. You are in control.

How will my throughput limits be impacted?

In most cases, it will not. However, the tiered grid allows for more options for demanding applications that require very high throughput and SLAs, for example. You can choose to pay for only the performance you need, or pay more if you need more headroom.  Get in touch with us and we'll provide you with recommendations for your use case, regardless of which tier you prefer. Fauna proactively monitors the health of all our customer applications and has received great feedback over the years on our usage policy limits and procedures. View more details in our documentation here.

What are my options for support on the new plans?

All group plans include dedicated support. If you're in a free or individual plan, you can choose the pay-as-you-go tier, thus getting great support at a very low cost. We're continuously engaged with our community as well, so a Fauna resource is just a message away. Please contact sales@fauna.com to learn more about support tiers.

How will support be impacted?

As with the other options across our plans, you now have the option to pay for the support response time your applications and business requires.  At any time, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade support if necessary.

Can I self-serve my plan change?

As we do today, contact support for any upgrade or downgrade requests. Anyone on an existing Faunaplan will need to contact support at support@fauna.com to opt-in to a new plan.