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Building robust multi-region, serverless SaaS with Fauna and AWS

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About the webinar

This on-demand session includes a 30-minute overview on serverless and multi-region SaaS best practices, and a 1-hour immersive workshop guiding you through the practical steps in building core SaaS functionality that can scale across regions without any manual operations. Discover the unique benefits of leveraging Fauna and AWS in delivering robust, scalable, and efficient multi-region serverless SaaS applications, and how to leverage Fauna’s distributed document-relational database capabilities alongside AWS’ serverless services including Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, AWS CodePipeline, and Amazon CloudWatch.

You will walk away from the webinar with an understanding of the following functionality and best practices:

Microservice design in a serverless environment

Architecting for global scale, consistency, and resilience

Siloed vs. pooled models

Hybrid architectures

SaaS Identity

Data Isolation in multi-tenant systems

Global data residency compliance


Tyson Trautmann

VP of Engineering

Zee Khoo

Head of Solution Architecture

Bill Tarr

Senior Solution Architect - SaaS Factory

Sathya Balakrishnan

Senior Solution Architect

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