Is Your Database Missing These Key Security Elements?

Database Security Redefined for Modern Apps

June 4th: 10:00AM PT, 1:00PM ET

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About the webinar

Legacy database security models leave significant security gaps for modern applications in three key areas:

1. Traditional RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) approaches are fixed and coarse-grained, resulting in role explosion and/or increased surface area for attacks.

2. Legacy connection models often rely on long-lived, persistent connections that can expose systems to security risks such as unauthorized access and data breaches, especially when connections are not properly managed or encrypted.

3. Databases designed for single-tenant architectures present additional complexities with data isolation at scale.

Join Fauna on June 4th, 10:00AM PT, 1:00 ET, for a live webinar that will explore these major database security shortcomings and introduce modern solutions to overcome those challenges.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How the shift from static RBAC to dynamic ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control) enables real-time, data-driven access control that significantly decreases risk and operational overhead, while increasing development agility.

How the implementation of sessionless HTTPS connections along with the use of bearer tokens for lightweight, high-scale, long-lived session access can enhance your security posture.

How built-in multi-tenancy enhances security, isolation, and scalability, eliminating the need for complex, independent tenant infrastructures and reducing potential security vulnerabilities.

How these modern database security principles lead to reduced risk by guaranteeing the principle of least privilege & data compliance, lower TCO by eliminating unnecessary infrastructure by securing data its source, and increased business agility by adjusting policies in real-time to changing conditions.

A live demo of introducing contextual and dynamic ABAC with Fauna for a multi-tenant SaaS app


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