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A global serverless database for all your applications

Fauna is a Jepsen-verified, globally distributed, OLTP database delivered as an API that works with the programming language of your choice.

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Modern applications need a modern database

RDBMS systems designed in the 1970s did not scale. To solve this problem, NoSQL databases sacrificed correctness and flexibility, while NewSQL databases sacrificed operational simplicity and performance. Productivity suffered. As application architecture evolves to embrace the cloud APIs and microservices, you need a database that is always correct, always fast, and has zero operational overhead.

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Fauna is the “Data API” for modern applications

Fauna lets you modernize your OLTP infrastructure to a 100% operations-free approach without compromising on the capabilities that you need for building industrial grade enterprise applications. Whether you’re building new microservices or augmenting existing services applications, Fauna lets you simplify code, reduce costs and ship faster.

100% ACID

Built on a ground-breaking distributed data and compute engine, Fauna is a transactional database with strictly serializable transaction isolation. With Fauna, all your reads and writes are transactional, yet fast.

A modern data model

Fauna is an indexed document database that enables you to represent a variety of business data with ease. Document data, relational data, key value pairs and even graph data - Fauna has it covered.

Powerful and expressive queries

Write document queries, relational queries (including joins), graph traversals, basic search or a combination. Similar to stored procedures, Fauna lets you create UDFs that encapsulate powerful business logic easily accessible from code via an API call.

Built-in global replication

Fauna automatically distributes your data to global locations. As a result, it delivers predictable low latency read/write access no matter where your clients are running, as well as protection against data loss from infrastructure failures.

Secure by default

With built-in authorization and a fine-grained security framework that integrates easily with 3rd party authentication services, Fauna makes it simple to implement your data security rules.

Zero operations at any scale

Say goodbye to data sharding, capacity provisioning, and database administration tasks typically associated with legacy SQL and NoSQL cloud services. Fauna scales transparently and takes care of all the data operations.

What's the buzz about?

Our customers and partners love FaunaDB because it is productive, modern, uncompromising and operations-free.

Fauna is the data API of choice for our applications. The rich, versatile feature set helps us build business logic faster. It performs and auto scales irrespective of the load or size of data. It eliminates our database maintenance and operations overheads, thereby speeding up development while reducing costs. Furthermore, it is backed by an awesome user community and customer support that we love.

Artur Tomusiak, Sr. Software Engineer at Hannon Hill

Our testing suggests that Fauna offers serializability, and, optionally, strict serializability, in only one cross-datacenter round-trip ... Calvin-based systems like Fauna could play an important future role in the distributed database landscape.

Kyle Kingsbury, Principal,

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