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FaunaDB Cloud

A transactional NoSQL database with serverless pay-per-request pricing.

01 Platform

Many clouds, one database

If you don't manage servers, you shouldn't manage databases either. Utility pricing, no provisioning, and built-in security make FaunaDB the ideal database for the cloud.

If you run FaunaDB Enterprise on your own infrastructure, FaunaDB Cloud is a great place to start new applications or provision personal workspaces for your development team.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Future Regions

02 Engine

Global transactional consistency

FaunaDB’s transaction engine offers global distributed ACID transactions to enforce correctness, row-level security for defense-in-depth, and temporality for compliance and disaster recovery—just like an enterprise RDBMS.

Learn how FaunaDB’s transaction engine is better than other transactional NoSQL databases.

03 Interface

Fauna query language

  • Queries are composed in your application programming language of choice, with drivers available for Ruby, Java, Scala, Android, JavaScript, C#, Python, Go, and Swift.
  • Transactions can be complex—a single atomic query can join a range from an index, iterate over the rows, and run conditional logic to load more data and update some of the documents.
  • Example Query
    • This JavaScript query returns a change feed of crime watch reports from users in districts in the city of Woodside, excluding the caller's own district.

      It illustrates graph queries, multi-level joins, indexes, and temporality—all at the same time.

      Expressions in other languages are equally simple. This is just a small taste of the power of FaunaDB.

          q.Match(q.Index("districts_by_city"), "Woodside"),
      q.Match(q.Index("users_by_group"), "Crime Watch")),
    events: true,
    after: q.Date("2017-1-1")

Run your first query today

FaunaDB serves tens of millions of users in production. Start your free trial of FaunaDB Cloud without a credit card and get a million credits for free.

04 Pricing

FaunaDB Cloud lets you focus on building your business.

Pay only for what you use and burst usage as high as you need. Query complexity varies, so FaunaDB Cloud usage is measured in points. Point usage information is included in query response HTTP headers, so you can optimize for low cost queries or bill your customers for their activity.

1,000 queries for 1¢

Basic queries use one point. Every 1,000 points costs $0.01.

Storage costs $0.22 per GB/month, including replication across all supported regions and cloud platforms.

The first one million points are free.

05 Testimonials

  1. I have never been very comfortable with database programming, but FaunaDB has been extremely easy to integrate with my app, so much so that I am continually thinking of new uses for it! I absolutely love FaunaDB!

    Chris Klugewicz

    Chesapeake Bay Information Systems

  2. FaunaDB is my default go-to solution for any project I am starting that involves a database.

    Nicolas Greenie

    Author of Stack Overflow Monitor and Glitch Notifier

06 Features

  1. Developer-friendly data model

    Serverless apps and functions run the gamut from mobile apps, media processing, log processing, chatbots, to big data. FaunaDB supports relational queries and constraints, along with traditional database features that let your apps scale.

  2. Supports multiple interactions

    FaunaDB Cloud is friendly to apps that need any data model. It’s perfect for NoSQL and JSON-based document-style development. Schema enforcement is optional. It also natively supports graph use cases at massive scale, and makes it easy to build rich change feeds.

  3. Zero provisioning

    With FaunaDB Cloud, there’s zero operational overhead. You never have to provision nodes, and you’ll never get burned by inaccurate capacity planning. Just download a driver, create a database through the FaunaDB dashboard, and start writing apps that launch at global scale.

  4. Elastic scale

    FaunaDB scales up and down in response to traffic flows. You never need to capacity plan, manually add nodes, or change configurations. There’s also no need to for you to monitor performance stats, and you won’t have to worry about missing alerts. FaunaDB handles it all, so you can focus on building great apps.

  5. Serverless security

    FaunaDB’s Serverless Cloud's fine-grained, row-level security model enables mobile apps and IoT devices to connect directly to the database—no middleware needed. This makes it ideal for working with light-weight FaaS and event-driven architectures, where authentication boilerplate is cumbersome.

  6. ACID consistency

    Strong consistency, even for globally replicated datasets, is a critical feature for building simple and reliable apps. Without it, you need to implement consistency checks in your apps. It enables you to develop business critical features with the confidence that data accuracy and ordered transactions provide.

  7. Geographical replication

    FaunaDB Cloud is deployed in geographical regions around the world, providing low-latency, real-time experiences for your global users. Your data is automatically replicated to all datacenters, providing business continuity and disaster recovery when outages occur in specific regions.

  8. Multi-cloud

    FaunaDB Cloud seamlessly replicates your data across datacenters running on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and, soon, Microsoft Azure. The result is no infrastructure lock-in.

Run your first query today

FaunaDB serves tens of millions of users in production. Start your free trial of FaunaDB Cloud without a credit card and get a million credits for free.