🚀 White Paper: Fauna Architectural Overview - A distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Easily manage IoT devices and their metadata and the profiles of the users that need access to their devices and data.

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Three reasons to manage IoT devices on Fauna

Distributed, like your devices

Fauna is distributed by default so data is closer to your devices and users. One endpoint to access data from anywhere. Flexibly model devices and users, and leverage relational features such as foreign keys, views, and joins.

App features, not data operations

New database creation is instantaneous. Strongly consistent so your app doesn’t need to close the eventual consistency gap. No provisioning, scaling, sharding, or replications. Scales with your device footprint. Develop features, don’t manage data.

Develop with your IoT stack

Works with IoT infrastructure from AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, Fastly, Azion, and GCP. Integrate identity from Auth0, Okta, and others. As your tech evolves, so does Fauna.

Partners & Integrations

We play well with others

Fauna is compatible with cloud infrastructure from AWS, Azure, and GCP and integrated with edge compute functions including Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute@Edge, and AWS Lambda. See our partners page for more integrations with leading third-party providers.

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Sample apps show Fauna features and capabilities in an application context.

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New to Fauna Query Language?

The SQL to FQL translation reference can help you get started.

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Build complete applications using technology like AWS Services, Cloudflare, and more.

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Hear why our customers love Fauna

Fauna is a "fire and forget" globally distributed database. We've tried them all and only Fauna was truly serverless.

Will Kebbell, CTO/Architect, Connexin

We built an IoT app on Fauna to focus on development instead of admin tasks. Fauna uniquely solves the availability, latency, security, and compliance needs for tracking rapidly changing device data at the edge.

Marcelo Reyna, Head of Infrastructure and Cybersecurity, Differential


What is Fauna?

Fauna is a distributed relational database with a document data model delivered as a cloud API. Fauna offers advanced querying capabilities, robust consistency guarantees, and comprehensive support for data operations. Developers can leverage Fauna’s strongly typed database language, FQL v10, to express complex business logic in transactions. With multi-region, active-active compute and a distributed transaction engine, Fauna ensures fast, reliable, and secure performance. Fauna provides flexible data modeling, global data access, and integrates seamlessly with various development tools and platforms. Fauna empowers developers to build new powerful applications faster, scale existing applications with confidence, and eliminates the need for server management with its serverless native approach.

How much does It cost?

Our pricing is designed to give you all the capabilities to build and test your applications for free. When you are ready to move to production, simply pick a plan that best suits your needs. For more details on Fauna's billing and metering, see our documentation: https://docs.fauna.com/fauna/current/learn/understanding/billing.

How does Fauna support multiple tenants for my service?

Fauna allows you to have a hierarchy of databases that can create silos for your customers. Fauna’s attribute-based access control and integrations with identity providers provide multiple levels of security. Further, if you need to geographically restrict data locality, Fauna is fully compliant with GDPR, and you can choose to have dedicated topologies across the globe.

How much bandwidth do I get?

Depending on which plan you select, you will get different levels of bandwidth. For more information on our metering, you can see our documentation.

If I decide to cancel, how can I cancel?

If you wish to make changes to your Fauna account, you can contact support at support@fauna.com.

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