FaunaDB for Ecommerce

01 Overview

The point-of-sale has moved to the cloud, and business needs to follow. To keep up with customers, Ecommerce applications need to support a variety of interactions across multiple channels, as customers discover, compare, buy, and review online.

Customers expect an Ecommerce experience that spans discovery, research, comparison, purchase, and fulfillment. Ecommerce applications need to deliver an omnichannel experience supported by different data models, with product descriptions, contextual recommendations, and consistent behavior at global scale. Traffic can be unpredictable, especially if you are selling to global customers, where shopping habits differ by country and region.

Product catalogs need to be updated as new products are released, but schemas will slow you down and make third-party integrations more difficult. The best way to get customers to click the Buy button is to provide contextually relevant products, which means you need graph capabilities. But, you don't want expensive point solutions to proliferate, since integration is costly and difficult to maintain.

02 Features

  1. Scale

    FaunaDB's elastic scale ensures that usage spikes, like Monday morning lunchtime shopping or Black Friday specials, don't crush your service and cause you to lose valuable transactions.

    Global replication lets you deliver a low-latency shopping experience to users around the world, by keeping your product catalog near your customers, whether they're at home or on the road.

  2. Flexibility

    FaunaDB combines relational capabilities with schema optionality, enabling you build out product catalogs without having to deal with schemas and migrations whenever you add new products or enrich product profiles with additional data.

    Graph queries enable you to model related and compatible products, increasing the chances of a purchase. FaunaDB lets you easily add relationships among entities without having to create join tables or tinker with schemas.

    You can also provide your customers with product recommendations based on purchase history. FaunaDB makes it easy to model the web of related products, without having to integrate yet another database simply to support graph queries.

  3. Consistency

    If your business is successful, you'll be running hundreds or thousands of transactions at the same time. In a traditional database, this can lead to inaccuracies in data, which causes broken transactions and unsatisfied customers.

    FaunaDB delivers ACID consistency, which enables your site to concurrently process multiple transactions in a way that one does not affect another. FaunaDB delivers strongly consistent, multi-key transactions and indexes—even across regional datacenters—with no visible impact on latency.

    FaunaDB frees you from implementing consistency checks in your client application and makes it easier to deliver a stable customer experience.