FaunaDB for Gaming

01 Overview

Games often see the highest traffic on launch day. Outages and performance glitches can kill a game on day one. You rarely get a second chance with gamers.

You may be hoping for rapid adoption, but how can you accurately plan for success? Cloud databases require you to provision capacity based on guesswork. This can lead to wasteful over-provisioning that wipes out your profit margin. It can also lead to 'catastrophic success' if you under-provision.

02 Results

With FaunaDB, we’re able to support tens of millions of users with a small operational staff. FaunaDB's global replication will help us maintain availability in case of unexpected regional outages. After launch, we optimized our service and cut our cloud bill significantly.

Bill Wagner

NVIDIA, Director of Cloud Services

03 Features

  1. Performance

    Gamers are unforgiving. Low-latency real-time queries are table stakes for successful games. FaunaDB is architected to provide high performance, low-latency queries at global scale. And FaunaDB's performance characteristics aren't just just theoretical. FaunaDB is proven in production, serving tens of millions of users around the world.

  2. Elastic Scalability

    FaunaDB lets you build a great user experience by putting data close to your users while eliminating the risk of 'catastrophic success' for games that go viral. FaunaDB Serverless Cloud enables you launch with no provisioning. It will simply scale up and down as gamers come online and sign off. There will always be enough capacity to provide a low-latency experience, but you'll never pay for capacity you don't use.

  3. Flexible Data Model

    Engaging games combine a variety of interactions to deliver a rich gaming experience. You need document capabilities to model character and inventory catalogs, while relational models enable you to model user accounts and payment information. Graph capabilities enable you to model social components of player interaction, whether those are real-world friends and followers or virtual alliances.