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Mobile Backend

01 Overview

Deliver features and performance, not schema migrations and scaling headaches, by building your mobile API on FaunaDB.

When apps are your business, you aim to get to market fast and see what sticks. You need to scale your successes, but by how much and how quickly? Can you predict your capacity needs? Database underprovisioning can lead to dramatic public failure.

You continuously prototype and deliver new features, while supporting old releases. You know offline support matters because network latency is no excuse for slow performance. With a secure connection to your data in the cloud, you can avoid unnecessary servers.

01.5 Works With

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02 Results

I have never been very comfortable with database programming, but FaunaDB has been extremely easy to integrate with my app, so much so that I am continually thinking of new uses for it! I absolutely love FaunaDB!

Chris Klugewicz

Chesapeake Bay Information Systems

03 Features

  1. Serverless Cloud

    FaunaDB lets you start out small, for pennies a month, and seamlessly scales to accommodate any level of success. Launch your apps without upfront costs, provisioning or capacity planning. Your data transparently replicates around the globe to be near your users and deliver real-time experiences. When your app is a hit, FaunaDB gives you total control to migrate between clouds or to your own servers. Use FaunaDB Cloud to launch at scale to millions of users, without the overhead of server-side infrastructure. Pay only for what you consume along the way, and never worry about provisioning.

  2. Security Model

    Security is integral to your app, so when your database manages access control it allows for simpler apps and less complexity in your stack. There’s already enough complexity in mobile authentication and authorization. FaunaDB offers a native fine-grained object-level access control, so you can write more secure apps and practice defense-in-depth.

    FaunaDB’s security model also enables you to serve data directly to mobile clients with a secure, serverless architecture that bypasses intermediaries. Its JSON capabilities make it easy for you to prototype and iterate quickly as you add new features. A simpler stack means faster development.

  3. Mobile Sync

    FaunaDB makes it easy to sync offline apps. It's fundamentally temporal. Updates to your user data are always stored in sequence; nothing is ever overwritten. The FaunaDB query semantics support time-slice queries that synchronize mobile apps as they periodically reconnect. Combined with native graph capabilities, FaunaDB’s temporal data model helps you keep mobile users synchronized with their social network, by optimizing the development and maintenance of complex activity and changefeed features in your app.