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01 Overview

Building a SaaS business is hard enough already. Eliminate scalability and security risks by using a database with native multi-tenancy.

If a database isn’t built from ground up to be multi-tenant you wind up with a complicated user model. Once that's working, there's still no guarantee that your customers’ data will be isolated. It's easy to make mistakes that result in inadvertent data spillage.

You also can’t ensure that quality of service will be fairly allocated, or even balanced in any way. Traditional databases provide a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to resource allocation, which means you can't craft subscriptions services around different SLAs. The end result is that it's impossible for your service to reflect your business priorities.

If you're delivering services in the cloud, then you probably serve an international customer base. You might be subject to restrictions on data transfer, such as the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Violations of data residency regulations can lead to damaged reputation, lawsuits, and lost clients.

02 Results

As a SaaS offering, we need elastic scale, along with built-in security and data isolation. To meet our customers’ security requirements, we often need to migrate from the cloud to on-premises datacenters quickly and easily. FaunaDB Cloud uniquely supports these requirements, and we are very happy with our decision to implement it.

Cliff Moon

Director of Engineering, ThinAir

03 Features

  1. Multi-tenancy

    FaunaDB is architected from the ground up for multi-tenancy; as you add new customers, you simply create new databases on-the-fly in your own FaunaDB account. Once accounts are provisioned, FaunaDB isolates your tenants from both a security and a performance perspective. With FaunaDB you can balance the QoS delivered to each of your customers based on your business priorities.

  2. Security model

    From your top-level FaunaDB database, each of your customers is provisioned with their own isolated database along with a unique key that's used to access their data in FaunaDB. The key only works for that customer's database, guaranteeing that one customer will never be able to access another customer’s data. It provides complete data isolation, without requiring any logic or sophisticated data models on your part. It also makes it easier to govern your data and to quickly move your projects through governance and compliance reviews.

  3. Data sovereignty

    FaunaDB makes it easy to replicate data around the globe while also maintaining strict control over where subsets of data can be transferred. Whether your service runs against FaunaDB Cloud or in your own datacenter, FaunaDB enables you to lock down regional data sharing and ensure that sovereign data remains where it can legally reside.