FaunaDB for Social

01 Overview

Apps that connect people socially are more engaging and successful. You've probably discovered the network of your users is among your most valuable data.

It's hard to model graph relationships in traditional SQL. SQL requires to much abstraction through joins, and results in brittle and inflexible models. It's incredibly difficult, and risky, to enhance your apps by adding new relationships. The number of joins required can also result in unpredictable performance and high operational overhead.

Conventional graph databases are limited in size, they don't scale, and they lack consistency. The more complex your graph, the harder it is to deliver simple services at scale, like alerts and notifications to users based on their relationships and preferences. They're only good for graphs, which means your core data resides in a relational or document database. Who needs the hassle of scaling and operating two point solutions?

02 Features

  1. Scale

    FaunaDB is ready when your social network grows. Adaptive scalability means you don't have to plan for traffic spikes, or scale down between peaks to save money. Incorporate the richness of social networks in your applications, without the risk of increased engagement toppling your servers. With FaunaDB, unexpected traffic spikes are no problem.

  2. Change Feeds

    Keep users up-to-date on the current state of the community. FaunaDB’s native temporality is designed to support rich social change feeds that keep users engaged. You can query the state of the social graph at any point in time, or across a time interval, in a single query. Support large interest groups, especially those where single entities, like rock stars, celebrities, and politicians, have millions of followers.

  3. Graph

    FaunaDB lets you easily add relationships among entities without having to create join tables or tinker with schemas. A social graph built on FaunaDB is easy to augment as feature ideas or business opportunities arise. FaunaDB graph queries scale out with your cluster, so you can query your social graph globally, instantly and elastically.

    Connect users based on affiliation, geography, and interests. Enrich and decorate profiles. Add new relationships on the fly as your social network grows.