Rethinking the database for a new generation of applications

Our founders built the distributed storage systems that scaled Twitter, and set out to create the data API that they would've wanted. We built on that foundation to deliver the data layer to power a whole new generation of applications. 

Powering a major shift in application architecture

Software development has seen only three major application architectures in the last 50 years and the fourth is now upon us. All three of these architectures and their related programming models had dramatically different requirements for the underlying data infrastructure. These requirements gave rise to major new product lines, new delivery methods, and entirely new companies.

The transformation from mainframes to client-server gave rise to the company Oracle and Microsoft’s massive SQL server business. The move from client-server to web scale three-tier applications led to a rejection of the scale limits of a relational database and the dawn of NoSQL databases. That transition brought flexible schemas and horizontal scalability but left data consistency, security, and relational querying behind. Subsequently, public cloud vendors and NoSQL vendors introduced hosted versions of these on-premises software databases that offered higher levels of automation but did not fundamentally rethink their architecture for the cloud.

Fast-forward to today, the browser has become a ubiquitous application client, many services are mobile-first, and both of these client types (browser and mobile), are increasingly built upon a globally connected world of serverless APIs. This combination has given rise to the new, "client-serverless" application model.

Fauna is the data layer for this new generation of client-serverless applications.

FaunaDB provides a web-native interface, with support for GraphQL and custom business logic that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the serverless ecosystem. The underlying globally distributed storage and compute platform is fast, consistent, and reliable, with a modern security infrastructure. With Fauna there is no compromise. You get the data consistency, security and relational querying of an RDBMS, the global scale of NoSQL, and no database operations, at any scale.

We are committed to making Fauna the data layer for the client-serverless application generation and excited about the opportunity to build a great company with amazing people, wildly successful customers and a thriving developer community along the way.

Executive Team

Fauna’s cloud, database, and developer DNA runs deep. We care deeply about product quality, scalability, and performance, but even more, we care about helping our customers achieve their goals.

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Eric has 25+ years of experience growing multiple software and SaaS businesses. Previously he was the Chief Product Officer at Okta which he helped scale from inception to post IPO. He has also held leadership roles at Apptio, Microsoft, and Intel.

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Evan is a co-founder at Fauna. He was formerly the Director of Infrastructure of Twitter, where he was employee 15. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science and previously worked at CNET and SAP. He is responsible for Fauna's technology vision and strategy.

Headshots 0003 Matt

Matt is a co-founder at Fauna. He was formerly the technical lead of Twitter's database team. Previously, he worked at a gaming company acquired by Zynga. He works with Fauna's product and engineering teams to deliver on our technical vision.

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Dhruv is the former vice president for the VR division at Digital Domain. He has 20+ years of industry experience across developer tools and cloud infrastructure and held leadership positions in marketing and product roles at (Nutanix), Perforce, Oracle, and AmberPoint.

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Hassen was formerly a Vice President at Okta where he spent 7 years in the product management function. He helped grow Okta from a startup with $5M of revenue to a public company with $700M in revenue and 6500 customers. Prior to that, he held product roles at Microsoft.

Tyson t

Tyson was formerly the General Manager for AWS CodePipeline and CodeDeploy. He has 15+ years of experience building tools to develop, deploy, and operate large-scale distributed systems in both cloud and hybrid environments. He has held engineering leadership roles at Amazon, Microsoft, and Riot Games.


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Institutional Investors

Advisors & Individuals Investors

Fauna is backed by investors and advisors who share our vision for a complete, modern platform that supports the future of data. Industry veterans, database gurus, and venture rockstars, we have them all rooting for us, as well as your success.

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We are hiring across the board

Fauna is disrupting a $60B+ market and we're looking for database and distributed systems enthusiasts to join us in our mission to fundamentally change how applications manage data. Come join us!