They said it couldn't be done. But we did it anyway. And it just works.

After building the distributed storage systems that scale Twitter, we regrouped to create the database system that we would've wanted. Thus was born FaunaDB, a full-featured, cloud-native and operations-free database that empowers developers and helps them realize their vision.  

Our mission

For the longest time, databases have been a primary bottleneck in the velocity of application development. They are cumbersome to deploy, harder to use. Moreover, they force your applications to play by their rules. Our mission is to unshackle you from this bottleneck and help you build applications fearlessly, without the boundaries or the limitations that you've been forced to accept.

Historically speaking, client-server oriented relational systems used to be your only choice for a database. Their rigid architecture and the complexity involved in scaling them to web-scale applications led to the invention of NoSQL databases. NoSQL brought flexible schemas and horizontal scalability but left data consistency, security, and relational querying behind. A database should not force these tradeoffs. Why can't you have all of it?

At Fauna, we built a database for modern, cloud-native, and webscale applications and we call it FaunaDB (clearly we didn't spend much time on its name).

FaunaDB is a cloud database built for the serverless era. It is scalable, global, secure, reliable, yet strongly consistent. We made it simple to use with a modern GraphQL API which coupled with a proprietary functional program language (FQL) makes for a highly productive development experience. And the best of all, FaunaDB requires zero operations.

We are committed to making FaunaDB the only database you will ever need for building dynamic applications. We're also committed to building a sustainable company that values its customers and its people.


From the team that scaled Twitter’s backend to experienced leaders who understand modern development, Fauna’s cloud and database DNA runs deep. We care deeply about product quality, scalability, and performance, but even more, we care about helping developers achieve their goals.

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Evan is the former Director of Infrastructure of Twitter, where he was employee 15. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science and previously worked at CNET and SAP. He is responsible for Fauna's management team and strategy.

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Matt is the former technical lead of Twitter's database team. Previously, he worked at a gaming company acquired by Zynga. He works with Fauna's product and engineering teams to deliver on our technical vision.


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Advisors and angels

Fauna is backed by investors and advisors who share our vision for a complete, modern platform that supports the future of data. Industry veterans, database gurus, and venture rockstars, we have them all rooting for us, as well as your success.

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Kevin Scott
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We are hiring across the board

Fauna is disrupting a $60B+ market and we're looking for database and distributed systems enthusiasts to join us in our mission to fundamentally change how applications manage data. Come join us!