Don't pay for what you don't use

Choose FaunaDB for a hands-free serverless cloud database experience, or partner with us to operate FaunaDB in a tailored managed serverless environment for more control and compliance. Either way, start with generous free tiers and scale elastically as your application grows. 

Elastic Pricing

Our pricing is designed to help you adopt FaunaDB without anxiety. Pricing for FaunaDB Cloud is based on the volume of data you store and the number of queries you run. Pay only for what you use. There are no minimum or maximum capacity limits. We also offer a generous free daily usage tier.

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Pricing Plans


$ 0 / month
  • For developers, freelancers, and hobbyists
  • Free forever, with daily usage cap
  • If you exceed your free quota, you will be charged based on serverless pricing
  • Experiment with web services or single page applications


On Demand
  • For startups and small businesses
  • No predefined usage limits
  • Pay as you go
  • Build web services and applications that scale automatically


$99 / month
  • For small and midsize businesses that need a predictable price
  • Guaranteed reserved capacity
  • Any overages will be billed by usage
  • Best for production services and applications


Custom Pricing
Contact Us
  • Request cloud plans for needs larger than the Pro tier
  • Work with us to avail a managed FaunaDB cluster tailored to your needs
  • Partner to OEM/embed within your own cloud service
Location FaunaDB Cloud FaunaDB Cloud FaunaDB Cloud FaunaDB Cloud or Custom
Monthly contract
Annual contract
Storage 5 GB $0.18 per GB per month 200 GB reserved Custom
Read ops 100K read ops per day $0.05 per 100K reads 1.5M per day reserved Custom
Write ops 50K write ops per day $0.2 per 100K writes 750K per day reserved Custom
Data transfer out 50 MB per day $0.10 per GB per day 500 MB per day reserved Custom
Support included Community Community Community, or upgrade to Standard Premium
Purchase additional support View options View options View options

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