FaunaDB Pricing


  1. FaunaDB Cloud

    FaunaDB Cloud lets you focus on building your business while we handle performance and reliability.

    Pay only for what you use and burst usage as high as you need. Query complexity varies, so FaunaDB Cloud usage is measured in points. Point usage information is included in query response HTTP headers, so you can optimize for low cost queries or bill your customers for their activity.

    • Basic queries use one point. Every 1,000 points costs $0.01
    • Storage costs $0.22 per GB/month, including replication across all supported regions and cloud platforms.

    The first one million points are free.

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  2. On-Premises and Private Cloud

    If you have existing infrastructure or compliance restrictions, you may want to operate FaunaDB yourself. FaunaDB On-Premises is straightforward to operate and lets you adaptively reconfigure your deployment over time, getting all the benefits of cloud in your own environment.

    On-premises pricing is based on processor cores; please contact us for details.

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