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Pay only for what you need

Get started easily with pay-as-you-go plans priced based on the features you want and your metered usage. Volume discounts trigger automatically as your usage grows. We also offer discounts for annual buys and committed usage. Please note, your Fauna subscription automatically renews on a monthly basis.  To cancel your Fauna subscription, please contact us using this form prior to the end of your monthly billing period. If you don’t cancel prior to that date, your Fauna subscription will automatically renew for an additional month.


For getting started with and learning Fauna


  • Fauna core (FQL & GraphQL)
  • Built-in security (ABAC)
  • Temporality (24 hour retention)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Real-time document streams
  • Standard regions
  • 100k read ops
  • 50k write ops
  • 500k compute ops
  • 100 MB storage
  • Hard limits enforced
  • Community
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For professional developers building production applications

from $25/month

  • Features in the Free plan
  • Unlimited metered capacity
  • $25 worth of usage
  • Metered overages
  • Community


For teams of developers building rich applications

from $150/month

  • Features in the Individual plan
  • Team management
  • Third party authentication
  • Temporality (7 day retention)
  • Collection streams*
  • $150 worth of usage
  • Metered overages
  • Helpdesk with 48hr response time
* coming soon
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For enterprise teams building full-featured, global applications

from $500/month

  • Features in the Team plan
  • Temporality unlimited
  • Preview sandbox
  • Data locality*
  • Premium regions*
  • $500 worth of usage
  • Metered overages
  • Helpdesk with 24hr response time
* coming soon
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Custom plans

Talk to us for questions regarding annual plans, volume discounts, or committed usage, as well as enhanced support, or DPAs.

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Billing details

Fauna bills your usage based on the resources consumed by your API calls (queries). Each call results in reads, writes, compute, and storage, based on the shape of your query.

Usage TypeBilling UnitsMetering Details

Read requests

API calls to read data from your database are billed in units called Transactional Read Ops (TROs).

A read request (by default strongly consistent and transactional) of up to 4KB requires one TRO. For items larger than 4KB, additional TROs are required. For example, a read request of an 8KB item requires two TROs.

Write requests

API calls to write data your database are billed in units called Transactional Write Ops (TWOs).

A write request (by default transactional and replicated) of up to 1KB requires one TWO. For items larger than 1KB, additional TWOs are required. For example, a write request of a 3KB  item requires three TWOs.

User-defined functions (UDFs) & API calls

API calls to your database  incur CPU usage that is billed in units called Transactional Compute Ops (TCOs).

An API call that contains up to 50 function calls requires one TCO. For example, [Paginate(Match("users_by_email", "abc@fauna")] costs one TRO + one TCO. 

Data storage

Data written to your database is billed in terms of disk space used, and called Data Storage.

Storage is measured in GB, and includes the total volume of data stored on disk for each write, including storage incurred for replication and temporality. 

Database streams

Streams are billed as a sum of the cpu time consumed for keeping a stream open (TCOs)  and the number of reads (TROs).

The cost of running a stream is billed in TCOs. Reads are billed in TROs.

Database indexing

New index creation is billed in terms in of CPU consumed (TCOs) for building that index.

Building indexes is charged in terms of TCOs consumed depending on the size of the index.

Billing unit rates

Fauna charges the following rates for each unit for data hosted in standard regions.

Billing UnitsPricing/Unit

Transactional Read Ops (TROs)

$0.50/ Million

Transactional Write Ops (TWOs)

$2.50/ Million

Transactional Compute Ops (TCOs)

$2.25/ Million

Data Storage


Data Transfer


Save more as your usage grows

Volume discounts apply to your overages, and kick in automatically, if your total monthly spend exceeds the thresholds!

Monthly Spend (Total Including Overages)Discount Percentage

First $1 - $1,000


Next $1,001 - $2,500


Next $2,501 - $10,000


Next $10,001 - $25,000


Next $25,001 and above


Monthly pricing calculator

Plug in your expected usage to see your estimated monthly bill (not inclusive of discounts and taxes).

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Total Estimated Monthly Bill

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