🚀 White Paper: Fauna Architectural Overview - A distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API.
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Virtual Private Fauna

Single-tenant, serverless database running across your choice of geo and cloud provider

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Fully customizable & isolated

Geo-customized, single-tenant environment delivered with no infrastructure management

Choose your geo footprint

Meet the geographic requirements of your use case(s) by selecting where your data lives. Whether you have localized requirements to meet data standards, or want to serve a global use case with low latency.

Choose your cloud provider

Deploy Fauna to AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure to match your existing cloud architecture. Use Fauna in your cloud apps with language drivers or directly call Fauna’s API from your apps.

Single-tenant VM isolation

Gain the security and compliance benefits of an isolated, single-tenant database with the developer experience and velocity advantages of a serverless delivery model.

Serverless delivery model with predictable pricing

Choose dedicated capacity for your workloads and let Fauna manage provisioning, and maintenance

Provisioned and predictable

Provision database capacity across geo and cloud provider to meet your application’s traffic patterns.

Strongly consistent with low-latency

Ensure reads and writes to your database are ACID compliant. Provide your users the lowest possible latency with optimized routing across your chosen geo footprint.

Database delivered as an API

Create and access Fauna through an API and let us manage database provisioning, sharding, patching, and upgrades.

Fauna platform

Combine the flexibility of NoSQL with the relational querying capabilities and consistency of SQL systems

Distributed compute and storage

Fauna’s architecture is inherently strongly consistent and distributed. Whether you choose a local or globally distributed footprint - Fauna ensures that you have failover nodes in case of a disaster.

Document-relational data layer

Store data as unstructured JSON documents with the querying capabilities of relational SQL databases. Combining both enables you to get started quickly with projects when the shape of your data is changing but scales to when you need to run complex business queries on your data.

Compute in the context of your data

Execute complex business logic as ACID transactions close to your data similar to stored procedures using Fauna’s query language (FQL) to reduce round-trip calls from your application layer to your database.

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