Our Team

01 Why Fauna?

After building the distributed storage systems that power Twitter, we regrouped to create the database we wished we had.

We care deeply about code quality, scalability, and performance, but even more, we care about helping our customers achieve their goals.

Join us and help change the industry forever.

02 Team

  1. Evan

    Chief Executive Officer

    Evan is the former Director of Infrastructure of Twitter, where he was employee 15. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science and previously worked at CNET and SAP. He oversees Fauna's management team and strategy.

  2. Matt

    Chief Technical Officer

    Matt is the former Technical Lead of Twitter's database teams. Previously he worked at Serious Business, a social gaming company acquired by Zynga. He works with the product and engineering teams to deliver on Fauna's technical vision.

  3. Carly

    VP of Operations

    Carly is a former Captain in the United States Army. She holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from West Point and an M.B.A. from Notre Dame and previously worked at JPMorgan Chase. She leads Fauna's finance and business operations.

  4. Gayle

    VP of Sales and GM

    Gayle is a former VP at Mesosphere, DataStax, and Oracle, with deep experience in sales, consulting, and business development. She leads Fauna’s field operations for sales, strategic partnerships, and sales engineering.

  5. Dhruv

    VP of Marketing

    Dhruv is a former VP at Digital Domain. Previously he held leadership positions at Calm.io (Nutanix), Perforce, Oracle and AmberPoint in marketing and product roles. He leads the marketing efforts at Fauna.

  6. Amna

    Head of People Operations
  7. Stefanie

    Head of Developer Relations
  8. Lauren

    Head of Product
  9. Chris

    Product Marketer
  10. Amy

    Engineering Manager
  11. Ed

    Engineering Manager
  12. Chris

    Finance and Accounting Manager
  13. Josephine

    Business Operations Manager
  14. Cary

    Director of Sales Engineering
  15. Tony

    Regional Sales Director - East
  16. Mike

    Regional Sales Director - West
  17. Teasara

    Corporate Account Executive
  18. Nelson

    Corporate Account Executive
  19. Attila

    Software Engineer
  20. Andrew

    Software Engineer
  21. Jeff

    Software Engineer
  22. Erick

    Software Engineer
  23. John

    Solutions Architect
  24. Marrony

    Software Engineer
  25. Nathan

    Software Engineer
  26. Bob

    Systems Administrator
  27. Brandon

    Software Engineer
  28. John

    Software Engineer

03 Angels

  1. Daniel Abadi

  2. Dan Gwak

    Board Member
  3. Kevin Scott

    Angel Investor
  4. Olivier Pomel

    Angel Investor
  5. Tyson Clark

    Board Member

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