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Additional features to help you build faster!

Shashank Golla|Sep 17th, 2021|


Fauna enables you to build applications faster by providing a simple yet powerful database experience across all of our plans. To enable this for our users, we are excited to announce changes to our Free, Individual, and Custom plans as well as a mlimited time promotion for Business plans. A summary of the changes:
  • Fauna’s Free plan will increase storage from 100 MB to 5 GB
  • Fauna’s Individual plan will now include 3rd party authentication
  • Fauna’s Custom plan will now include access to expert services
  • We are launching a limited time promotion to provide access to expert services for any new signups for Fauna's Business plan before October, 31, 2021
Developers on our Free plan will now be able to realize the power of Fauna more than ever as they can scale to 100s of MBs or GBs of storage. In our Individual plan, users can now leverage our 3rd party authentication integrations like Auth0 to authenticate access with Fauna. You can use Auth0 or your preferred authentication vendor as your identity provider and simply add it as an Access Provider within Fauna. Once you define your Access Provider, Fauna accepts JWT access tokens from Auth0 and lets you run queries directly on your Fauna databases with identity information from Auth0. To take this a step further, Fauna’s Attribute-based access control (also included in the Individual plan) enables secure querying by using the permissions you’ve defined for users in Auth0 for access rules on Fauna databases.
Finally we want to ensure that customers who are paying for a Custom plan get the support they need when building Fauna into their application architecture. To do this we’ll provide all our Custom plan customers access to expert Fauna services to help you with data modeling, application architecture, and even optimizing your queries. Build fearlessly!

If you enjoyed our blog, and want to work on systems and challenges related to globally distributed systems, and serverless databases, Fauna is hiring!

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