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Restore your database to a stable snapshot on demand

Shashank Golla|May 24th, 2022|


We’re excited to announce the early access of backup and restore, which allows you to create and restore database snapshots, protecting your databases from human errors, logical bugs, and other operational issues. Backup and restore provides daily snapshots and custom retention for snapshots while also allowing you to copy a snapshot from one region to another (i.e., EU to US) – all while maintaining Fauna’s intrinsic serverless and distributed nature.

Create daily backup snapshots

How do you ensure your applications aren’t significantly affected if there’s an accidental deletion or logical bug in your database? Once you enable backup for a database, Fauna protects you with daily snapshots of the database, including all the schema, documents, and any child databases that were available at the time the snapshot was produced. Each daily snapshot is stored for 30 days by default, but you can change the retention period based on your business requirements. These snapshots are stored in the same region group as the source database, ensuring that any compliance requirements to stay in a certain region (i.e., GDPR for the EU) are maintained.
backup settings

Restore or copy your databases on demand

Having the ability to restore to a stable snapshot enables your teams to focus on building features and not worry about potential database issues. A database restore can be useful to “reset” to a database that has unintentional or unexpected changes that are difficult to recover from. When there is an issue, you can use Fauna’s restore capability to overwrite the original database and restore all of the database's schema and documents, including child databases, keys, tokens, and external authentication configuration.
restore data
Backup and restore also enables you to make copies of your snapshots, which is useful for setting up development, test, or staging environments with data copied directly from your production database. It is also handy for copying your current databases in Fauna to different region groups (i.e. US to EU).
copy data

Protect your databases today

Focus on building your product, and turn on backups in Fauna to protect your data from human errors, logical bugs, and other operational issues.
Backup and restore will be available in team and business plans, with a limited time availability during early access for accounts on the individual plan. To understand pricing implications, please check out our billing FAQs. To get started with backup and restore, send us a request. If you haven’t built using Fauna before, signup for free today and worry less about database operations.

If you enjoyed our blog, and want to work on systems and challenges related to globally distributed systems, serverless databases, GraphQL, and Jamstack, Fauna is hiring!

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