FaunaDB: A fundamental shift in database technology

We challenged status quo by combining the scale and flexibility of NoSQL with the safety and data integrity of relational systems. We call this Relational NoSQL

The database to power a digital enterprise

FaunaDB unifies OLTP capabilities that business wants, developers love, and operators simply never imagined they could have into a brand new serverless database. Your datacenter infrastructure evolved to cloud and your application stack evolved to consume APIs. Your database should evolve alongside.

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Fauna Website Icon Limitless Scale
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Serverless, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud

FaunaDB is available everywhere your applications require. With endpoints available in multiple public cloud environments and global regions, FaunaDB Cloud lets you place your data close to your applications so that you can offer the most responsive experience to your users. Alternatively, you can partner with us to build a custom topology for your FaunaDB cluster, and let it operate for you to your specific compliance needs.

FaunaDB delivers what businesses need

Still counting processor cores?

On-premises, in the cloud, or database-as-a-service —Fauna offers pricing options that allow you to scale.

Unlimit your applications

Discover the impossible database. Unshackle your data. Focus on the business. Change the world.