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Distributed data and compute, simplified.

Fauna is a distributed document-relational database that runs your business logic and integrates with your stack of choice.


• Combine the flexibility and familiarity of JSON documents with the relationships and querying power of a traditional relational database

• Store data as documents to write different data shapes to a collection

• Query your database using relational features like foreign keys, views, and joins

• Reduce complexity in your application code by executing business logic on your data directly in your database

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User defined functions (UDFs)

• Write business logic using user-defined functions in your database with Fauna Query Language (FQL)

• Call UDFs directly in GraphQL using custom resolvers

• Reduce time to get started with built-in functions for common queries and build your own functions using UDFs

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Modern security model

• Create fine-grained access controls to manage identity-based operations for your databases with ABAC

• Leverage your current identity provider (Auth0, JWT, and others) to authenticate users in Fauna

• Ensure your database is securely queried with token-based authentication

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Event streaming

• Send clients real-time updates from your database using an open, push-based streaming solution

• Ensure authenticated access of data in streams through Fauna's attribute-based access control (ABAC)

• Eliminate any code and infrastructure built for polling with automated real-time streaming

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Programming interfaces

• Create and access your database using drivers in JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Go, and Scala

• Get OOTB CRUD queries, mutations, and collections with our GraphQL API and call UDFs directly from GraphQL using resolvers

• Interface with Fauna directly from the CLI and visualize your usage in our dashboards

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Data import

• Import GBs of JSON or CSV files to a new or existing collection from your CLI with support to define data types

• Migrate data from your existing application or upload sample data to get started with Fauna

• Upload data to Fauna with our dry run functionality to ensure your imports are successful

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Developer tooling

• Deploy your applications with confidence by integrating unit tests against Fauna with your preferred testing framework

• Develop and test Fauna locally with Fauna’s docker image

• Manage your Fauna databases and resources directly in the Serverless Framework

• Browse your Fauna databases, indexes, collections, documents, and UDFs from your VSCode IDE

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