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The serverless database without limits for AWS-built applications

A distributed and strongly consistent transactional database for AWS workloads

Customers building with Fauna and AWS gain access to a composable architecture that optimizes for feature development instead of operational overhead. For use cases built on AWS where consistency, flexibility, and scalability are top-level considerations, Fauna delivers superior performance without the engineering burden of other managed database services. AWS customers can now directly procure Fauna in AWS Marketplace, apply their contracted spend toward billing, and seamlessly integrate Fauna into their applications.

Visit Fauna in the AWS Marketplace
fauna and aws
Visit Fauna in the AWS Marketplace
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Fauna and AWS integration benefits

Fauna’s serverless compute and data platform paired with AWS solutions accommodate use cases that require a strongly consistent database that can scale without extensive engineering and maintenance

Built-in interoperability

Fauna is designed and delivered as an API; this means for ephemeral functions like AWS Lambda and applications delivered on the edge, instead of having to maintain costly connection pooling, Fauna is accessed through an HTTP call–no TCP/IP connections required.

Data model + access pattern flexibility

Fauna has a document-relational data model that combines the flexibility of NoSQL with the relational querying capabilities and ACID consistency of SQL systems, with native GraphQL support built-in. AWS users no longer need to concern themselves with adopting a secondary RDBMS to compensate for the limitations of a traditional NoSQL database.

Increased development velocity & performance

Fauna is a native serverless database that takes care of provisioning, scaling, sharding, replication, correctness, and more. Meanwhile, it’s distributed by default - which complements AWS serverless solutions and event-driven architectures built on EventBridge, Step Functions, and Lambda.

A database made for your AWS workload


Zero operations

Fauna was built with serverless architectures in mind from day one. Our strongly consistent, multi-region distributed database with usage-based pricing enables you to focus on building features and not capacity planning, maintaining, and scaling your database.



Unlike typical NoSQL document databases, Fauna retains the strengths of traditional RDBMS software, with support for foreign keys, views, joins, and server-side functions.  And, unlike traditional RDBMS monoliths, Fauna offers distributed, strongly consistent transactions at scale.


No connection pools

Fauna is accessed through an API call over HTTP and is stateless. You can call Fauna directly from your FaaS functions like AWS Lambda and not worry about cold starts or connection pools.


Strongly consistent

Fauna was built to ensure data consistency under highly concurrent workloads, a necessity for modern application workloads. Features like Backup and Restore and Attribute-based access control (ABAC) give your teams fine-grain security controls to protect your data.

Fauna and AWS for multi-region apps

Scaling the data tier from single to multi-region has historically been a major challenge for evolving applications. Fauna’s architecture and feature set is designed for it. Fauna is a perfect fit for multi-region and global workloads built on AWS.

Distributed transactions without compromise

Built on a distributed data and compute engine inspired by the Calvin protocol, Fauna uses a deterministic ordering guarantee to assure consistency, delivering strictly serializable transaction isolation and active-active writes by by-default. Unlike most distributed databases, Fauna delivers ACID transactions globally without compromise.

Consistent customer experience across the globe

As an application on AWS scales, developers building on Fauna won’t have to sacrifice performance to accommodate expanding from single to multi-region. Fauna replicates data across zones in a single region, across regions in a region group, and across region groups around the world without complex engineering required.

Global deployment flexibility

companies building global applications on AWS in highly regulated industries or with data residency requirements, Fauna offers two deployment models to ensure your business requirements are met; a traditional multi-tenant serverless database, and Virtual Private Fauna - a single-tenant hosted solution that lets you specify exact performance requirements for your workloads.

Build a multi-tenant SaaS solution using Fauna and AWS Serverless Services

Follow this workshop to build with Fauna and Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, AWS CodePipeline, and Amazon CloudWatch. It provides an understanding of serverless architecture as it applies to multi-tenancy, and introduces the Fauna features and functionality that make them seamless to implement — producing an architecture that’s both scalable and highly flexible while providing the best developer experience.

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