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Confidently scale across regions or the globe.

A multi-region compute and data platform that is fast, reliable, and secure.

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Distributed transaction engine

• Multi-tenant compute infrastructure for query execution

• Calvin based transaction log provides consistent, multi-region replication

• Distributed storage infrastructure with native temporality

• Deployed in multiple public region groups or a private region group offering geography and provider choice

Jepsen-tested to verify reliability and correctness of architecture

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Document-relational data layer

• Store data the way your application models it as flexible, semi-structured documents

• Relational capabilities supported across documents like foreign keys, views, and joins

• Database multi-tenancy within a single account to easily create multiple databases for test or customer-facing needs

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Compute in context of data

• Execute complex business logic as ACID transactions with FQL's programmatic capabilities.

• Define FQL functions in your database to lock down app behavior.

• Reduce time to get started with a rich standard library of native functionality.

• Build a fine-grained strategy for managing identity-based operations when querying or executing business logic using attribute-based access control (ABAC)

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An intelligent, cloud API

• Execute queries over standard HTTP/2 directly from browsers or mobile clients

Intelligent routing of queries from a single global endpoint to the closest region in which it resides

• Access your database using drivers in JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Go, and Scala

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Integrated with your stack

• Works with compute infrastructure from leading public cloud providers AWS, Microsoft, and Google

• Architected to compliment edge serverless compute infrastructure including Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute @Edge, and Azion Edge functions

• Integrated into the frontend development workflows of providers like Netlify and Vercel

• Supports infrastructure as code frameworks such as Serverless framework

• Standards-based integrations with leading identity providers like Auth0, Okta, and more

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A database you can trust

• SOC 2 Type II ensures your data is protected and kept private from unauthorized users

• Meet data residency requirements like GDPR using region groups

• Transparent performance and availability metrics at status.fauna.com

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