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Confidently scale across regions or the globe.

A multi-region compute and data platform that is fast, reliable, and secure.

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Distributed compute and storage

• Multi-tenant compute infrastructure for query execution

• Calvin based transaction log provides consistent, multi-region replication

• Distributed storage infrastructure with native temporality

• Deployed in multiple public region groups or a private region group offering geography and provider choice

Jepsen-tested to verify reliability and correctness of architecture

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Document-relational data layer

• Store data the way your application models it as flexible, semi-structured documents

• Relational capabilities supported across documents like foreign keys, views, and joins

• Database multi-tenancy within a single account to easily create multiple databases for test or customer-facing needs

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Compute in context of data

Execute complex business logic as ACID transactions with FQL's programmatic capabilities.

Define FQL functions in your database to lock down app behavior. Call functions directly from GraphQL with custom resolvers.

Reduce time to get started with a rich standard library of native functionality.

Build a fine-grained strategy for managing identity-based operations when querying or executing business logic using attribute-based access control (ABAC)

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An intelligent, cloud API

Execute queries over standard HTTP/2 directly from browsers or mobile clients

Intelligent routing of queries from a single global endpoint to the closest region in which it resides

Access your database using drivers in JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Go, and Scala or using Fauna’s GraphQL API

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Integrated with your stack

• Works with compute infrastructure from leading public cloud providers AWS, Microsoft, and Google

• Architected to compliment edge serverless compute infrastructure including Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute @Edge, and Azion Edge functions

• Integrated into the frontend development workflows of providers like Netlify and Vercel

• Supports infrastructure as code frameworks such as Serverless framework

• Standards-based integrations with leading identity providers like Auth0, Okta, and more

Use Fauna directly from your IDEs such as VSCode

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A database you can trust

• SOC 2 Type II ensures your data is protected and kept private from unauthorized users

• Meet data residency requirements like GDPR using region groups

• Transparent performance and availability metrics at status.fauna.com

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