New Serverless Pricing Model for FaunaDB Cloud

FaunaDB Cloud was launched last year as the industry’s first (and still only) multi-cloud serverless database service. We’ve seen growing interest in our offering--serving 2M queries daily and counting!

We continue to add new capabilities to FaunaDB based on your feedback, and make them available as part of our Cloud offering. A popular request was a simpler pricing model that is more predictable, easier to understand, and easier to budget for. So, we’re excited to present the new serverless pricing that that went into effect Monday, August 13th.

New Serverless Pricing Details

The Fauna points system has been replaced with a new pricing model, based on concrete resources (read ops, write ops, storage, data transfer out, etc.). Cost per query function is easily understandable and documented. We’re also introducing a new daily free quota. Small apps can be hosted on FaunaDB cloud for free...forever.

Free for 3 Months

All new users will get 3 free months of FaunaDB Cloud. After that, resource-based billing will kick in with the free daily usage tiers applied (as described above).

Existing Users with Remaining Free Points

Existing users' free points are being reset to a three month free period starting Monday, August 13th.

Existing Paying Users

Existing users, currently paying based on points, are being converted to resource-based pricing. We will also waive your charges for next three billing cycles. We will follow up with you directly as well.  

New Fixed Pricing Tiers

We work with many small to mid-sized businesses who need competitive yet reliable, fixed price plans. Should you fall in that category, please request info for a fixed price plan customized to your business. We hope that these fixed plans will help you adopt FaunaDB in a model that best suits your business.

We’re excited about these changes. If you have questions or comments about the new model, don’t hesitate to contact us at