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Building an edge serverless GraphQL backend with Cloudflare Workers and FaunaProduct updates - June 2022Understanding the document-relational databaseHow to integrate event streaming into your applicationsDelivering personalized content with Netlify’s Next.js Advanced Middleware and FaunaIntroduction to serverless databasesTransfer data in Fauna to your analytics tool using AirbyteComparing DynamoDB and Fauna for multi-region data storesModernization of the database: DynamoDB to FaunaComparing databases for Vercel and NetlifySide-by-side comparison of serverless databasesFauna's global application partner ecosystemImplementing Fauna as infrastructure as code with Serverless FrameworkBuilding a REST API with AWS Lambda, Fauna, and Serverless FrameworkAchieving multi-region reliability with AWS Step Functions and FaunaBuilding composable serverless architectures with Fauna, Netlify, and Big Nerd RanchBuild low-latency global apps that meet data residency requirementsDelivering faster user experiences with Vercel Edge Functions and FaunaBuilding integrated centralized and decentralized applicationsApplying test-driven development to your databaseHow to use streams in Node.jsGDPR vs. CCPA: Data privacy requirements explainedCreate secure, real-time applications with Fauna event streamingProduct Updates - March 2022The top blockchain development frameworks for 2022Fauna and generous.studio: Scalable setup through serverless and document-relational featuresHow to use Fauna with DjangoComparing Fauna and MongoDBFauna and Cloaked: A multi-region database solution for a privacy-focused appCreating realtime experiences in e-commerce with Fauna and AblyWhy Use Fauna with edge computing?Best practices for edge computingEdge computing reference architecturesRestore your database to a stable snapshot on demandProduct Updates - July 2022Why everyone wants to go serverlessMigrate data into Fauna with new data import featureShrink your dApp's server footprint with FaunaData management, SOC 2 Type 2, and marketing leader to accelerate adoption What is change data capture?Serverless patterns reference architecturesOvercoming database scaling issues with Fauna’s serverless offeringMulti-region scaling with Fauna


Additional features to help you build faster!Using Next.js with Fauna and GraphQLPostgres vs Fauna: Terminology and featuresModernizing from PostgreSQL to Serverless with Fauna Part 1AWS Aurora Serverless v2: Architecture, Features, Pricing, and Comparison with FaunaBuilding a serverless REST API with AWS SAM and FaunaDeploying a REST API with AWS App Runner and Fauna Authenticating users with AWS Cognito in FaunaHow to build microservices with Node.jsBuilding Fauna’s GDPR-compliant distributed and scalable database infrastructure with PulumiNew Service Foundation and GTM Leadership to Accelerate Customer Success GloballyIntroducing Fauna’s SOC2 CertificationMigrating with user-defined functionsEvolving the structure of your Fauna databaseModernizing from PostgreSQL to Serverless with Fauna Part 3Using Fauna's streaming feature to build a chat with SvelteDatabase Requirements for Building GDPR-Compliant AppsHow to keep your serverless applications secureBuilding an image processing pipeline with Fauna's streamingOur Core PrinciplesChoosing a database for your Node.js appDatabase as a Service (DBaaS) vs. Data APIs - ExplainedGetting started with Fauna and Cloudflare WorkersBuilding the next generation search engine with Fauna and Cloudflare WorkersWhat exactly is a key-value store?Choosing an authentication strategy with FaunaRefreshing authentication tokens in FQLDetecting leaked authentication tokens in FQLProduct updates - May 2021Announcing Fauna LabsNew in Fauna: Add Fauna to your Vercel applications in minutesProduct updates - June 2021What is data residency?What is data governance?Meet data residency requirements with Fauna Region GroupsA comparison of transaction models in distributed document databasesWhat is a database transaction?Building scalable dApps with Ethereum, Polygon and FaunaDatabase security best practices for 2021: A guideProduct Updates - September 2021Real world database latencyEdge computing vs. cloud computing: What’s the difference? RDBMS vs. NoSQL: What’s the difference? User authentication in Fauna (an opinionated guide)How to scale a databaseHow to develop locally using serverless offlineProduct Updates - October 2021What is role-based access control (RBAC)?What is Web3 and why is it important?Batch vs. stream processing: Pros and consReducing complexity by integrating through the databaseIntro to modern JavaScript frameworksTrusting FaunaAuthenticating users with a blockchain wallet and FaunaBridging on-chain and off-chain data in NFTs with FaunaComparing SPAs to SSG and SSRHow to build an edge API gateway with Fastly's Compute@Edge and FaunaFauna’s response to the Log4Shell zero-day vulnerabilityHow to fetch data from a database using Node.jsModernizing from PostgreSQL to Serverless with Fauna Part 2Product Updates - July 2021


Building a Serverless JAMStack app with Fauna: Part 2Announcing Advanced String and Aggregate Functions in FQLAnnouncing New Functions in FQLAnnouncing UDF in ConsoleAnnouncing the Fauna Integration for ZEITAnnouncing New FQL FeaturesHow Fauna Saves JAMstack Developers from Data LossBuilding a Job Posting Platform with Fauna and ApolloAnnouncing the Fauna Add-on for NetlifyRename with No Regrets: One Check to Make Before You Upgrade Your Fauna DriverDemystifying Database Systems, Part 4: Isolation levels vs. Consistency levelsCode Splitting in React with Lazy ComponentsDemystifying Database Systems, Part 3: Introduction to Consistency LevelsDemystifying Database Systems, Part 2: Correctness Anomalies Under Serializable IsolationFauna Serverless Scheduling: Cooperative Scheduling with QoSWhat is a Cloud Database?What is a Relational Database?Demystifying Database Systems, Part 1: An Introduction to Transaction Isolation LevelsDatabase Authority Andy Pavlo Joins Fauna as Technical AdvisorLearning FQL, Part 3: Database Access KeysA Comparison of Scalable Database Isolation LevelsLearning FQL, Part 2: Create, Read, Update, and Delete Operations (CRUD)Fauna's Official Jepsen ResultsLearning FQL, Part 1: Fauna Schema ObjectsSerializability vs “Strict” Serializability: The Dirty Secret of Database Isolation LevelsFQL: Boosting Developer Productivity with String FunctionsBuilding a Serverless JAMStack app with Fauna: Part 1Serverless Change Capture for Ruby on RailsNoSQL Databases - Non-relational Databases Explained


Write With Fauna - Calling all Fauna Enthusiasts!What is ACID Compliance?: Atomicity, Consistency, IsolationComparing Fauna and DynamoDBDynamoDB vs Fauna: Terminology and featuresSetting advanced role-based access patterns in your SPA with Fauna and Auth0Introducing new capabilities for collaboration, third-party authentication and real-time streamingLive UI updates with Fauna’s real-time document streamingSetting up SSO authentication in Fauna with Auth0New Engineering and Product Leadership @ FaunaBuilding a minimum viable full-stack with RedwoodJS and FaunaCore FQL concepts part 5: JoinsCore FQL concepts part 4: Range queries and advanced filteringCore FQL concepts part 3: Data aggregationCore FQL concepts part 2: Temporality in FaunaCore FQL concepts, part 1: Working with dates and timesAnnouncing Fauna API v3Getting started with FQL, Fauna’s native query language - part 5Getting started with FQL, Fauna’s native query language - part 4How Does Database Encryption Work?Clive - Hannon Hill Engagement Tool Built with FaunaGetting started with FQL, Fauna’s native query language - part 3Getting started with FQL, Fauna’s native query language - part 2The next chapter for Fauna: $27M and new leadershipGetting started with FQL, Fauna’s native query language - part 1Control theory for fun and profitThe Fauna Extension for Visual Studio CodeAnnouncing Built-in Collection IndexesA Comparison of Serverless Function (FaaS) ProvidersLessons Learned Livin' La Vida JAMstackFauna Engineering: Looking Back at 2019Serverless Architecture: What Is It & How Does It Work?The Why and How of Distributed Databases Transactional Databases - What You Need to KnowWhat is a Document Database?What is Jamstack? How to Get Started Getting started with Fauna and Node.js using FastifyBuilding Modern Web Architectures With React & Next.js