Reflecting on Three Months of Civic Engagement

In February, along with several other startups, we announced our new civic engagement policy.

The policy was inspired by the outpouring of political action after the presidential inauguration. But it was a natural extension of our existing family, diversity, and community focus, and reflected staff engagement that was already happening. It’s been about three months now and we are excited to share how the policy has empowered our team.

People at Fauna took time off to:

  • Vote in local elections
  • Write letters or call their state and federal representatives
  • Work with their municipal government to convert a street into a children’s play area
  • Talk to local college students about entrepreneurship
  • Attend rallies and protests with their families and friends

Personally, I took time to tutor adult learners and high school students in the East Bay and New York.

Some of our international staff took time to attend events as well; the policy is not limited to the US. Nor is it limited to specific political views. We have never asked our team members to disclose their party affiliation, nor is there any approval required to take advantage of our policy.

Building the Portland play street

Although many of us, even at Fauna, disagree on the means and even the goals of civil society, ultimately only good things can come from encouraging everyone to be more informed and active in their communities.

Chris Anderson, our Director of Developer Experience, said:

“With the policy, I’m more inclined to do simple things like let the neighbors drop their kids off with me while they run errands, or spend a half day volunteering. The policy changed my behavior to be more engaged.”

The response to our policy has been overwhelmingly positive both internally and externally. Please join us in doing the same thing at your company and help make America and the world a better place!