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Bertel O. Steen Image

Bertel O. Steen

Bertel O. Steen is one of Norway’s largest automotive businesses, operating vehicle imports, dealerships, workshop operations, and financing.

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Insights.gg is a cloud-based web platform for gamers to securely store, share, and review gameplay with others.

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Hannon Hill Customer Page Image

Hannon Hill

Hannon Hill's flagship products, Cascade CMS and Clive, enable users to be strategic about content, manage it effectively, and promote it via a variety of channels.

Cloaked Image


Cloaked is a consumer-first privacy company that enables individuals to take control of their personal data with unlimited identities.

Connexin Image


Connexin is a high-speed fiber broadband internet provider currently rolling out to over 200,000 customers in the UK.

Azion Image


Azion's Edge Platform enables developers to build and run serverless applications, implement a zero trust security model, deliver content from the edge, and orchestrate endpoints and applications globally.

Climatiq Image


Climatiq provides an open dataset of global emission data and the technical infrastructure needed to inform meaningful reductions to climate footprint.

Dharmira logo customers page Image


Dhamira provides full-stack web and application development services for customers in healthcare/IT.

CB Image

Craft Boxing

Craft Boxing Co. uses their content and technology platform to deliver online boxing content that provides direction, motivation, and authentic connection.

MSC logo customers page Image

Matter Supply Co

Matter Supply Co is a premium agency that has delivered award winning campaigns for brands such as Nike and Impossible Foods.

TurboRoof logo customers page Image


TurboRoof provides durable roofing, screen, and other building materials.

Cause of Kind Image

Cause Of A Kind

Cause Of A Kind is a web development and marketing agency for mission driven businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

acoer logo customers page Image


Acoer is a software development company that provides healthcare organizations out of the box RESTful API based software for improving both development and patient outcomes.

TMS Customers Logo Page Image

TMS Software

TMS software, established in 1995, is a globally-distributed software development company.

KalendMe Image


KalendMe is a software platform that works with people and companies to update and supercharge scheduling processes.

Hear why our customers love Fauna

With Fauna we are able to define a schema file and quickly create a database with all the relations we need with just a file upload. And as we grow and scale we don’t have to worry about performance or data correctness.

Morten Knudsen - Team Lead, Digital Productivity, Bertel O. Steen
Bertel O. Steen logo

Insights.GG has 125,000 daily active users, with over one million downloads across Asia, North America, and Europe. PostgreSQL and CockroachDB couldn't scale automatically beyond one region, so we switched to Fauna which resulted in a 70% reduction in latency across all regions while reducing our operational costs.

Kevin Ho - Co-Founder & CEO, Insights.GG

Fauna's multi-tenancy and attribute-based security model enables us to provide each customer with their own individual, personalized, and encrypted database for storing their personal information like passwords, credit cards, and recovery emails.

Arjun Bhatnagar - CEO, Cloaked

Fauna is the data API of choice for our applications. The rich, versatile feature set helps us build business logic faster, and it is backed by an awesome user community and customer support that we love.

Artur Tomusiak - Sr. Software Engineer at Hannon Hill

We chose Fauna because it offers us the flexibility of document models for getting started, but it has key relational database features like ACID transactions and stored procedure-like capabilities with user-defined functions (UDFs).

Will Kimbell - CTO/Architect, Connexin

Adopting Fauna and Compute@Edge early on has been instrumental in our ability to test and release features quickly. It allows us to maintain our data logic in a single place, and provides enough flexibility to adapt to different requirements across our application.

Isis T. Baulig - CTO, Climatiq
Climatiq logo inline

Fauna helps us deliver modern healthcare experiences, better and faster. With Fauna, we can focus on building robust, reliable data-driven applications, instead of having to manage databases. It is a game changer for modern business.

Aaron Campos - CEO of Dhamira

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