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A no-compromise platform for business data and logic

Whether you’re building new browser-based or mobile apps, augmenting your microservices, or modernizing existing systems, Fauna gives you the capabilities and the scale that you need without the complexity.

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A better, more productive feature set

Fauna combines the flexibility of document databases with the relational querying and transactional capabilities of relational databases, without compromising simplicity and scale.

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Flexible data modeling

An innovative indexed-document data model lets you model any data that your business needs -- relations, documents, graphs or a combination.

Global Acid

Distributed ACID transactions

Eliminate data anomalies with strictly serializable multi-region transactions that don't limit number of keys, documents or partitions.


Composite indexing on-the-fly

Easily add or remove multi-key indexes as your application needs evolve, with support for strongly consistent reads and writes.


Real-time streaming

Simplify event-driven use cases with push-based document subscriptions that trigger upon changes to your data in real-time.


Custom business logic

Express complex conditional business logic as atomic functions that execute close to the data in one transaction and a single round-trip.


Web-native secure access

Attribute-based access control combines with SSL and 3rd party auth to offer strong security, and can be invoked directly from the browser


Built-in temporality

Easily build auditing for your data with temporal queries. Run queries for data at a point-in-time to track how your data evolved.


Multi-tenant databases

Simplify SaaS apps with the ability to create any number of children per database at any level of depth, without limits.


Setup-free GraphQL

Effortlessly build GraphQL services using Fauna's native GraphQL support, complete with transactions, custom logic, and access control.


Global low-latency

Serve customers everywhere with consistent data, replicated in real-time to multiple regions and served from locations closest to your client.


Hands-free elasticity

Transparent behind-the-scenes scaling ensures that your apps never run out of capacity, while you pay only for what you actually use.


No database operations

With built-in smarts for data partitioning and an API approach, say goodbye to data sharding, clustering, replication, upgrades etc, forever.


SOC 2 Compliance

Fauna is compliant with SOC 2 Type 1 data protection and privacy standard. For details, please visit see our trust page.


Distributed Data Residency

Fauna's Region Groups let you pin your data within supported geo-political boundaries, to help meet laws such as GDPR, while ensuring high performance and availability.

Customer loved, industry validated

Fauna's unique global transactional architecture is inspired by academic research, and Jepsen tested. Adopted by thousands of developers and loved by our customers, Fauna is fast, scalable, yet strong consistent.

Kyle Kingsbury
"FaunaDB’s core operations on single instances in 2.5.5 appeared solid: in our tests, we were able to reliably create, read, update, and delete records transactionally at snapshot, serializable, and strict serializable isolation. Acknowledged instance updates were never lost."
Kyle Kingsbury
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Get started in minutes, without the heavy lift

Fauna is easy to get started with, integrates with your environment seamlessly and gives you effortless, scalable and reliable access to your data from a variety of popular frameworks.

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GraphQL ImageJava ImagePython Image JavaScript ImageRuby ImageC-Sharp ImageGo ImageNext ImageReact ImageVue ImageAngular Image
GraphQL ImageJava ImagePython Image JavaScript ImageRuby ImageC-Sharp ImageGo ImageNext ImageReact ImageVue ImageAngular Image

Fauna Drivers

Works seamlessly with your favorite languages and frameworks


Quickstart Guide

Add a full-featured datastore, instantly, hassle-free


API Reference

Deep dive into Fauna APIs


Without the complexity typical to databases

Fauna gives you the platform to start locally, and launch globally. It delivers the performance, reliability and scale that your business needs for success, no matter where you are on your journey.

Eliminates tradeoffs

The best of both document and relational systems ensures that you can model the data that your business needs, iteratively, and without boundaries.


Scales to your needs

Never suffer outages due to spiky traffic. Fauna lets you build your applications for scale, without writing additional code or manually provisioning resources.


Highly available, no data loss

Fauna ensures that regional outages do not disrupt your application and your data is never lost. All committed writes are replicated, and queries are automatically routed to the nearest nodes.


Eliminates operational overheads

Focus on your application instead of managing database clusters, provisioning capacity, creating replicas, or sharding data. Fauna does all the work for you behind the API so that you don’t have to.


Your data safe, secure and protected


Fauna makes it easy to isolate your data to specific geo-political boundaries, to meet your needs for data privacy regulations such as GDPR, and protects your data with industry best practices compliant with SOC 2 standards. See how we keep your data safe while taking care of the data distribution for optimal performance, availability and scale.

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