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Major New Capabilities Added to Fauna

The Fauna team has been hard at work over the past few years continuing to innovate in response to feedback from our growing base of customers.

Below is a summary of some of the most significant updates. They include an entirely new developer experience that involved a major update to our database language, administrative dashboard, Web IDE and CLI, and included the addition of native schema support in Fauna. We also added many critical infrastructure features such as backup and restore, logging, and data import.


A secure, open, push-based stream that sends changes in the database to subscribed clients as soon as they occur to simplify listening for real-time changes in your database at both the document and collection level.

Easily import sample data or exported data from your existing databases and upload multiple CSV or JSON files to Fauna while defining the data type for each imported field.

Easily create and restore database snapshots to protect your databases from human errors, bugs, and other operational issues. Also seamlessly copy a snapshot from one region group to another.

This gives developers a single endpoint to access any database across Fauna’s global service, ensuring applications have a consistent global user experience, are resilient against cloud failures, and stay compliant with data residency requirements.


Gather valuable insights about your database systems' performance, behavior, and usage.

This was a major update that included an array of innovations to improve how developers interact with Fauna. Included were a new database language inspired by TypeScript, a suite of integrated developer and administrative tools, and a new schema language for Fauna.


Streamline the development of enterprise-grade applications, and more easily implement sophisticated business logic directly within your database.

Three new features that round out Fauna’s native support for how developers create and manage their database schema across the development lifecycle including schema enforcement, a zero-downtime migration system, and declarative, schema-as-code migrations.

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